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Trial for Transvaginal Mesh Failure Delayed by Judge

by Staff Blogger | January 9th, 2015

Transvaginal mesh has been used to support the organs of thousands of women who have undergone certain medical procedures. The problem is that the medical device can erode inside the body, causing some women serious harm—including perforation of internal organs, laceration of body tissues, infection, and severe pain.

These injuries have spurred tens of thousands of transvaginal mesh failure lawsuits across the United States. Many have been consolidated through the court system, which means delays in one case could affect as many as 65,000 women.

According to Injury Lawyer News, a judge overseeing the third transvaginal mesh failure bellwether case recently ordered the trial start date to be delayed until March.

The move came as a shock to many, considering the same judge had issued an order in Aug. 2014 for the trial process to be expedited. The call was made after only a settlement of $1.6 billion had been reached between manufacturers of the faulty medical devices and the victims.

The first bellwether trial ruling in the transvaginal mesh failure cases claimed there was sufficient evidence to support the claim the product was defective. The second ended in a jury awarding $3.27 million to a victim of transvaginal mesh failure.

At Ponce Law, we understand the importance of ensuring all legal processes are followed. That’s why our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers will be following this case closely in the future.

Charity of the Month: Nashville Rescue Mission

by Staff Blogger | November 3rd, 2014

Nashville is a wonderful place to live and work, but life can be a constant struggle for homeless people in the area. Estimates show Nashville’s homeless population has seen a massive increase in recent years, with as many as 4,000 people without food or shelter on any given night.

One organization working to address the problems of homelessness and hunger in our city is the Nashville Rescue Mission. The organization began their work in 1954 and has served thousand of homeless individuals. They not only providing food, clothing, and shelter to needy men and women, but also offering counseling and spiritual encouragement.

Being that the Nashville Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations to continue offering help to our city’s needy. That’s why Ponce Law has named them as our charity of the month.

You can help the Nashville Rescue Mission by simply going to our Facebook page and clicking the “Like” button. For each new “Like” we receive during November, we will donate $1 to the Nashville Rescue Mission.

We hope you will do your part to help the homeless and hungry in our great city today by visiting our Facebook page today. You can also keep up with other ways our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers gives back to Middle Tennessee by checking out the community page of our website.

How Technology Is Preventing Nashville Car Accidents

by Staff Blogger | September 8th, 2014

There’s almost an endless list of causes to motor vehicle collisions. One of the most common causes for a Nashville car accident is faulty equipment, with one in six cars and trucks in the city currently under recall.

This figure leaves many local Middle Tennesseans wondering what they can do to ensure their vehicle is safe and is free of faulty equipment. An article from News Channel 5 investigates points out most vehicles under recall do not get repaired because the owner is simply unaware of the problem. But now there are two new ways to stay abreast on the latest vehicle recalls.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has created a new search on their website. Just enter the Vehicle Information Number (VIN) of your vehicle to see if there are any associated recalls.

Carfax has also created a smartphone app that alerts motor vehicle owners to recalls. Just enter your car or truck’s license plate to see if there are any open recalls on your vehicle. The app will also alert users to future recalls on their vehicles.

While technology can be handy to raise awareness of problems with vehicles, accidents can still happen. That’s why it’s important to speak with a Nashville personal injury lawyer if you’ve been injured in an auto accident.

At Ponce Law, our team of attorneys has decades of combined experience helping accident victims get back on their feet, and we want to help you do the same. To learn more about what our legal staff can do for you, give us a call at 615-244-4325 today.

August Charity of the Month: The Jason Foundation

by Staff Blogger | August 1st, 2014

Suicide is affecting more lives in the United States than ever before, especially among young people. It’s the second leading cause of death among middle and high school students and is the third leading cause of death for college students. Each of these deaths can be prevented, and The Jason Foundation is one of the groups that are working to eradicate suicide.

The parents of suicide victim, Jason Flatt, established the organization following his untimely death on July 16, 1997. Since that time, the group has educated thousands of young people, parents, and educators about the dangers of suicide and warning signs to watch out for.

The Jason Foundation has also worked to create legislation that requires teachers to receive suicide prevention education.

These are just a few reasons why the Nashville personal injury lawyers with Ponce Law named The Jason Foundation as our firm’s August charity of the month. We will donate $1 to the group for every unique “Like” on our Facebook page during the next four weeks. You can help do your part to prevent suicide with just one click.

If you would like to keep up with the other organizations we support throughout the remainder of the year, be sure to visit the community and news page of our website.