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“Teen Driver Safety Week” Works to Promote Safe Driving Habits

by Staff Blogger | October 21st, 2015

Motor vehicle collisions are the leading cause of accidental death among teens in the United States between ages 15-19. Last year in Tennessee, there were more than 100 fatal accidents involving teen drivers. These numbers are why the Nashville car accident lawyers at Ponce Law are excited to hear this week has been named “Teen Driver Safety Week”.

The program is sponsored through a partnership between the Tennessee Governor’s Highway Safety Office and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The goal of “Teen Driver Safety Week” is to raise young motorists’ awareness about the dangers of the road and what they can do to stay safe when driving, as well as encouraging parents to get involved in their children’s driving education.

According to WBIR News, one of the best ways parents can teach their kids about safe driving is by simply talking to them about it. Some experts even suggest creating a driving contract with teenagers that outlines the expectations for safely operating a vehicle. These rules may include no speeding, restrictions on cellphone use while driving, and placing limits on the number of passengers in a vehicle.

Ponce Law believes taking these steps to promote safe driving among teens can help prevent accidents, and we applaud the efforts being made to promote safe teen driving. We also recognize that not all crashes can be avoided though, and we encourage motorists of all ages to be aware of what steps you should take after an auto accident.