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Officials Work to Reduce Drunk Driving Accidents in Tennessee

by Staff Blogger | August 19th, 2015

Drinking and driving continues to plague Tennessee roadways. Over the past decade, there have been 74,451 drunk driving accidents reported in the state. A total of 6,645 of those collisions were recorded in 2014.—meaning there were roughly 18 accidents involving a driver under the influence of alcohol per day last year.

To help combat the problem, organizations from around the state are beginning to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving.

The Tipton County Sheriff’s Office has announced they will be conducting their annual “Booze It and Lose It” campaign throughout the weeks of Aug. 19 – Sept. 7. The program will utilize messages on billboards, as well as an increase in the volume of officers and troopers on patrol.

The Sevierville Police Department says they will also be working to reduce Tennessee drunk driving accidents as Labor Day approaches. According to WVLT 8 News, the agency plans to use a number of sobriety checkpoints to deter people from driving under the influence.

At Ponce Law, we are aware of how important it is to keep drunk drivers off of the roads. Our Nashville car accident attorneys are hopeful these campaigns are successful, and we encourage you to do your part by utilizing a sober driver to get you home safely after consuming alcohol.