Tennessee Car Accidents

Record Low Number of Tennessee Car Accidents Over Thanksgiving Weekend

by Staff Blogger | December 12th, 2014

The holidays can be a busy time on the highways of Tennessee, and this year is no exception. Thanksgiving was expected to be one of the busiest travel periods of the year, with millions of motorists taking to the road. Despite the increased traffic volume, the Tennessee car accident total was lower than at has been in many years.

Clarksville Online reports that data from the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security shows there were only four fatal Tennessee car accidents over Thanksgiving weekend. This was the lowest number of traffic-related deaths over during this particular time period since 1983, when seven people were killed in traffic collisions.

Law enforcement report that none of the fatal crashes were considered drunk driving accidents, and two of the victims were wearing seatbelts.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol’s participation in the I-40 Challenge may have been part of the difference, considering none of the fatal accidents occurred on the Interstate during the campaign. The challenge had troopers patrolling for motorists violating speed limit, seat belt, and distracted driving laws every 20 miles along I-40.

At Ponce Law, we’re happy to see Tennessee highway safety improving. Our Nashville personal injury lawyers would like to encourage you to continue practicing safe driving habits by:

  • Slowing Down- Obey the posted speed limit—it’s there to keep you safe.
  • Buckling Up- Wearing a seat belt will drastically reduce your chances of being harmed in a crash.
  • Driving  Defensively- Obey all traffic signals, avoid aggressive driving habits, and never get behind the wheel of a vehicle while intoxicated.

New Tennessee Law May Increase the Number of Accidents at Intersections

by Staff Blogger | July 21st, 2014

Data shows that Tennessee has seen an upward trend in the number of serious car accidents in recent years. One of the major causes for these accidents is motorists failing to yield to traffic signals at intersections. In fact, the Tennessee Department of Safety reports there were almost 40,000 Tennessee car accidents recorded at intersections in 2008. Davidson County had the highest number of intersectional crashes with 6,026 accidents at road crossings.

Despite these numbers, Tennessee legislators recently passed a law that could significantly increase the chances of motorists being involved in car accidents. According to an article from The Tennessean, the law—which took effect on July 1—allows motorists to pass through a yellow light at an intersection as long as their front tires cross the stop line before the light turns red.

Many citizens believe the change in the law may encourage drivers to engage in dangerous behavior by attempting to get through traffic signals before lights change to red.

The Nashville personal injury attorneys with Ponce Law remind drivers that although traveling through yellow lights is legal under the law, it may not always be safe to proceed. That’s why we encourage motorists to do their part by stopping at signals when lights turn yellow.