Tennessee Opt Out Bill

“Opt Out” Workers’ Compensation Bill to be Considered by Tennessee Lawmakers

by Staff Blogger | December 18th, 2015

Tennessee currently requires most employers to carry a workers’ compensation insurance policy to cover expenses related to work injuries. The Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys at Ponce Law say that could soon change, as lawmakers are set to consider reforms that would allow businesses to create their own workers’ compensation policies.

The “Opt Out” bill would allow businesses able to fund their own workers’ compensation programs to do just that. However, many feel the reforms could leave injured workers in the cold. That’s because businesses that choose to opt out of the current workers’ compensation system would be allowed to mandate the amount of time to settle an injury claim, decide what injuries their policy covers, limit the benefits that are offered, and choose the medical staff and facilities that must be utilized in the event of an accident.

Despite these concerns, an article from The Tennessean says lawmakers will consider the bill during the upcoming legislative session that kicks off in 2016.

The changes being considered could have a detrimental effect on the care and compensation injured employees in our state are able to receive. That’s why the legal team at Ponce Law urges you to learn more about what steps to take after a work injury.