Winter Driving Safety Tips

Winter Weather Driving Safety Tips

by Staff Blogger | November 17th, 2014

If you live in Middle Tennessee, it’s likely you woke up to sleet and or snow this morning. This winter precipitation not only means a season change is upon us again, but also that it’s time to begin preparations for driving in slick or snowy conditions.

At Ponce Law, our team of Goodlettsville car accident lawyers offer these tips for safe winter driving:

  • Stay Home– If road conditions are deteriorating, stay off the roads if possible and wait for the weather to clear.
  • Do Your Homework– If you must get out in bad weather, know the conditions of the roads and highways you’re planning to travel. In Tennessee, you can use the Tennessee Department of Transportation’s SmartWay maps to find this information.
  • Prepare Your Vehicle– Make sure your tires have plenty of tread and your brakes are working properly before driving on snow or ice. Be sure to check that your windshield wipers and lights are working properly as well.
  • Prepare Yourself– When traveling in bad weather, it’s wise to prepare for the worst by bringing along cold weather gear and supplies in case of emergency. This can include blankets, flashlights, food, and water.

The Tennessee personal injury attorneys at Ponce Law hope these tips help keep you and your loved ones safe throughout the winter.