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Commercial Trucking Accident Liability Attorneys

by mdp | October 22nd, 2010

Liable Parties in Tennessee Commercial Semi Trucking Accidents:

Anyone who spends time on the roads of Tennessee understands that large, commercial trucks are a regular sight. The shipping industry remains alive and well, and Tennessee serves as not only a destination point but also as a corridor to several markets in the region. As a result of the high number of trucks on the roads, Tennessee commercial trucking accidents occur on a daily basis. In fact, almost 10,000 such accidents occur every year. Those who have been harmed in such an incident need to seek the help of Nashville commercial trucking accident lawyers, as there could be several different liable parties who need to be held accountable. An explanation appears below.

The Big Rig Truck Driver Responsibility

Clearly, if the driver of a commercial truck was negligent or reckless in causing a Tennessee commercial trucking accident, that driver needs to be held accountable for the harm that was caused. Generally, the truck driver should be named as a defendant in a Tennessee personal injury lawsuit that is filed after this type of collision almost regardless of the circumstances surrounding his or her employment.

The Commercial Trucking Company

Generally, trucking companies are responsible for the conduct of their drivers who work as employees, and this includes the potential liability that could be incurred when their drivers make mistakes that lead to injuries in Tennessee commercial trucking accidents. More often than not, the trucking company will have insurance that covers their vehicles and to some degree the actions of their drivers as well, which is why the trucking company should be named as a defendant in a Tennessee personal injury lawsuit that follows a collision.

Other Tennessee Drivers Negligence

Not all Tennessee commercial trucking accidents simply involve a negligent truck driver and another vehicle. There are many crashes where more than one party could be negligent, and these situations could involve faulty actions by the truck driver and/or the driver of another vehicle depending on the facts of the situation.

In general, getting the process of holding those responsible for this type of accident accountable can be complicated. Rather than risk a mistake that could harm your position, seek the help of Nashville tractor trailer accident lawyers if you or someone you love has been injured. Contact Michael D. Ponce & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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