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Nashville Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Faulty Trucking Equipment

by Staff Blogger | September 30th, 2013

September 30, 2013

Trucking companies and their drivers have a responsibility to ensure vehicles are properly maintained in order to prevent accidents caused by faulty equipment. The Nashville Truck Accident Lawyers with Ponce Law explain that failure to do so could result in companies and their drivers being held liable for damages resulting from crashes.

One such case has gone to trial in Knoxville, Tennessee. According to an article from ABC 6 News, the crash happened in May 2012 along I-40, near the Campbell Station exit. Two tractor-trailers collided, causing one of the big rigs to crush an adjacent vehicle, killing the 42-year-old female occupant.

The driver of the truck responsible for the initial impact claims his tire blew out, causing him to lose control and crash. The prosecution contends that the man was driving recklessly and his behavior led to the crash that blew the tire out.

The driver was charged with vehicular homicide, but a mistrial was declared in the case on Tuesday.

Michael D. Ponce and Associates’ Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers urge anyone who has been injured or lost a loved one in a crash caused by the negligence of a tractor-trailer driver to speak with an attorney regarding their legal rights to compensation.

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