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Who is Responsible for Truck Accidents?

by Staff Blogger | September 20th, 2017

After a truck accident, your priority is making sure you and your loved ones are okay. But during the recovery process, you want answers—especially if the accident could have been prevented.

The Nashville truck accident lawyers at Ponce Law know how frustrating this time can be. You want closure for an accident that wasn’t your fault, but the trucking company and its insurer are unlikely to be cooperative. Meanwhile, you’re facing a long road to recovery and expensive medical bills.

Knowing who or what was responsible for a truck accident is the first step towards filing a successful claim for compensation. Our legal team begins every truck accident claim by gathering evidence to determine if any or all of these parties can be held liable:

  • The truck driver – Truck drivers must abide by strict rest and time-off requirements, obey all traffic laws, and avoid alcohol and drugs before getting behind the wheel.
  • The truck owner – Truck owners are responsible for making sure their vehicles are well-maintained and in safe, road-ready condition at all times.
  • The truck company – Truck companies are governed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration on virtually all aspects of their business to keep their drivers and other motorists safe.
  • The truck loader – Trucks aren’t always in the hands of the above parties, and the companies responsible for loading them must be careful to follow all industry guidelines.

If you’re not sure who caused your truck accident, Ponce Law may be able to help. We know how to investigate and collect evidence to find out who contributed to the crash. Call today for a free consultation to get started.

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