We’re Helping Victims of Camp Lejeune’s Toxic Water

People who lived or worked at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, between 1953 and 1987 were exposed to water that contained between a 240- and 3,400-times greater concentration of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals than what’s considered acceptable and safe. As a result, countless Marines, their families, and civilians have been diagnosed with serious and deadly cancers.

In August 2022, President Biden signed into law the PACT Act, which includes provisions for helping victims of Camp Lejeune’s toxic water get compensation and healthcare benefits for any illnesses they suffered after being exposed to the toxic water. This act makes it much easier for victims and their families to file successful claims for benefits, but getting approved isn’t guaranteed.

The Veterans Administration is backed up for years on many types of cases, including veterans disability cases and injury/illness cases stemming from military service. Camp Lejeune cases will also be backed up for the foreseeable future. Because of this, many victims may never see the benefits they’re owed, or they will only receive them after their illnesses have progressed and caused serious financial harm to their families.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville personal injury lawyers are working hard to help Camp Lejeune victims get the compensation they need as quickly as possible and without having to worry about their claims being unfairly denied. Contact us today for a free consultation for your Camp Lejeune illness or cancer diagnosis.


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