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Can You Trust Your Employer’s Doctor?

by Staff Blogger | January 18th, 2016

Here’s a scenario for you. You’re injured at work. Your employer does all the right things—files reports, gets you medical attention, and sends you home for a few days to recover. They even offer to send you to a doctor they trust to evaluate your injuries and let you know when you should be back at work. Sounds like they have your best interests at heart, right?

Well, maybe.

In this scenario, the employer appears to be doing everything they can to help you recover from your injuries, up until they ask you to visit their own doctor for an evaluation. An on-the-job injury can put you in a tough position. Since your injury occurred on company property or during company time, the responsibility for your injuries falls solely on your employer. From a business standpoint, it’s in their best interests to be released from that liability as quickly and as cheaply as possible. One way for that to happen is for a doctor to sign off that you’ve fully recovered or that your injuries aren’t as significant as you claim. In that case, do you really want to see a doctor on your company payroll? Probably not.

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