After the Auto Accident

In the hours and days after your car accident, you may be confused and unsure of your next step. You need help with your medical bills and vehicle repair costs, but you’re hesitant to call a lawyer because you’re not sure how the legal process works. If you follow a few important steps, you can improve your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

On screen: “What should I do if I was involved in a car accident?”

Michael: Following an accident, here are a few important steps to take.

  • As soon as you’re able, report your accident to your insurance provider if you have one.
  • Seek proper medical care for your injuries, and be sure to tell the doctors or nurses about all of your symptoms.
  • If possible, get photos of the cars involved and of the injuries that you sustained.
  • Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to evaluate your claim and protect your rights.

Remember: the insurance company is not there to help you. They have no requirement to look after your best interest. Don’t give a statement to anyone from the insurance company without first talking to a lawyer.

Furthermore, you should avoid social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or others. Even seemingly harmless status updates can be taken out of context and be used against you by the insurance company.

The aftermath of an accident can be a stressful and confusing time. At Ponce Law, our injury lawyers can handle your injury claim, so that you can focus on getting better.

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Steps to Take

To improve your chances of getting compensation after the auto accident, you should:

  • See a doctor.
    Car accidents may cause internal injuries that are difficult to diagnose without a full checkup from a doctor. Plus, your medical report may be valuable evidence when we prepare your claim.
  • Avoid talking about the accident. 
    Avoid speaking about the accident with your friends, coworkers, and neighbors. You also should avoid posting about the accident on your social media accounts. Insurance adjusters may contact people close to you or view your online accounts to collect statements that could implicate that you were at-fault for the accident.
  • Call Ponce Law.
    Our auto accident attorneys can prepare a strong claim for you, but you must act fast, so evidence can be collected before it’s too late. Contact Ponce Law today.

Our No Fee Guarantee®

Some people are hesitant to call lawyers after an auto accident because they’re worried about costs. But at Ponce Law, we use the No Fee Guarantee®. This means that you don’t owe anything unless we get money for you. You have nothing to lose—call our auto accident attorneys today.