Nashville Sexual Harassment Lawyers

Sexual harassment often creates an uncomfortable or hostile work environment for employees or job applicants. It may occur through jokes, bullying or aggressive behavior, inappropriate touching, or promise of monetary or career-based rewards in exchange for sexual favors. Although employees are protected from sexual harassment by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, some face retaliation from their employers for reporting sexual harassment.

If you experienced sexual harassment in the workplace, or your employer retaliated against you for reporting sexual-related harassment, you may be eligible to receive compensation. The Nashville sexual harassment lawyers at Ponce Law know how devastating this type of harassment can be—especially if your employer took action against you for reporting the behavior. Don’t suffer in silence—call us at (800) 363-9113 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Effects of Sexual Harassment

Victims of sexually-related harassment may suffer from a wide variety of physical, psychological, and social effects, such as:

  • depression, anxiety, and panic attacks
  • increased absenteeism and poor attendance
  • loss of trust in colleagues and superiors
  • nightmares and trouble sleeping
  • objectification and humiliation
  • stress and impaired work performance

If you’re dealing with harassment that is sexual in nature, these symptoms can cause a serious disruption in your life. At Ponce Law, we’ve seen the impact this type of harassment can have on people’s professional and personal lives—and it’s our goal to stand up for your rights.

We Have the Experience You Deserve

Filing a claim for sexual harassment or retaliation against your employer can be intimidating, but our sexual harassment lawyers can help. We’ve handled many claims for sex harassment victims with confidence and confidentiality, and we’ll give your case the personal attention it deserves. Contact us today—we’ll do everything we can to help you move forward with your life.