Medical Benefits for Workers’ Compensation

Getting hurt on the job can leave you with serious, permanent injuries and expensive medical bills. Workers’ compensation benefits can help you pay for your medical treatments while you recover, but getting your claim approved isn’t always easy. And sometimes, injured victims who are approved don’t get the full compensation they need.

If you suffer an injury at work that isn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. At Ponce Law, our workers’ compensation attorneys want to help you get the maximum benefits possible for your on-the-job accident. Give us a call at (800) 363-9113 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Serious Workplace Injuries

Because of heavy equipment, environmental hazards, or physical demands, workplaces can sometimes be dangerous. At Ponce Law, we’ve helped get workers’ compensation benefits for people who suffered from serious workplace injuries, such as:

  • Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs)
    TBIs often occur at construction sites or other workplaces where workers are required to wear hard hats. Workers who suffer TBIs may develop physical and mental disabilities that prevent them from returning to their jobs.
  • Back Injuries
    Back injuries are common in occupations that require heavy lifting or bending at the back or waist throughout the day. Over time, back injuries can become chronic, and the pain can make it difficult to go back to work.
  • Amputation
    Workers who use industrial equipment, including saws and other heavy machinery, may be at risk of crushing injuries that require amputation. The loss of limbs can make it impossible for some workers to perform their jobs.

No matter what type of on-the-job injury you suffered, our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys will do their best to help you get the money you need to move forward with your life.

We’re Here to Help

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