Amber Neal

Moore County High School - Other

Amber is an extraordinary teacher. She is a Special Educational Teacher for grades 7-12, and she loves each one of our students. Not only is she a teacher, she is also the middle school girls softball assistant coach.
Amber is a wife and mother of a 7th grade daughter and a 3rd grade son. Her children are both involved in sports, so Amber is pulled in several directions, but she does it with loves, compassion, and understanding.
As an assistant in her class, I have watched her love our students as her own. She has laughed with them and cried with them. She has a great relationship with the parents. She is so concerned about the students, parents can call her any time, day or night. They are not limited to the school hours nor the school phone.
I would appreciate you accepting this nomination and considering Amber Neal as The Best Teacher in Tennessee.

Ponce Law
Ponce Law