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Caleb Reed Oakland Middle School 8th Grade

Oakland Middle School

Grade: 8th Grade

Caleb teaches 8th graders Historical Literacy. He is always trying to find things to use in class that will be interesting to his students and engage them in the historical journey he takes them on. Once I was at a thrift shop and found an oversized book on maps of the US and a book of inventions with pictures of each invention. I called to see if it was something he could use. He was so excited to get them. I love how he uses tangible things about the past to get the kids interested in the lessons he teaches. He also has them available for the kids to look at, touch and with his books they can browse through whenever they want. He is an awesome young teacher with a love for sharing history with our youth. The pandemic has been hard on all teachers but Caleb has embraced it and teaches his kids like any other year. He has distance learners and in class students and does his best to keep them all engaged and learning. A true teacher hero!!!

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