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Candace Greer

Station Camp Elementary School

Grade: Kindergarten

I am serious when I say every day is a favorite memory with Mrs. Greer. My son comes from hard places and has received many diagnoses. Each diagnosis comes with its own set of challenging behaviors. In so many words, our first kindergarten year did not go well. Although there was a ton of effort from everyone involved, every day brought defeat. The challenge of that first year weighed heavily as my son entered his second year of kindergarten. Enter Mrs Candace Greer, new to SCES. An angel, no doubt. She has provided consistent, solid felt-safety for my son. She brings calm to the storm inside of him. She handles him with the understanding that his best looks different than others. She is firm but teaches from her heart. She is a perfect picture of grace. She holds him accountable and holds him to a high standard. She is steady. She responds with calm consistency instead of reacting. She is an answer to prayer. What has this meant for my son? He is learning! While we still face challenges, his behavior at school has improved tremendously! And on the days he struggles, Mrs Greer walks alongside him. She guides his peers to understanding. She offers a fresh start every morning. My son is making friends! He belongs to a classroom community! He smiles on the way to school, and he smiles when I pick him up. We are celebrating every success no matter how small. Mrs Greer sees the good in my son. She focuses on his strengths, gives him jobs, offers choices, includes him in the classroom community, allows his differences without forcing the "small stuff." Because of this, he is learning and growing. A teacher is much more than our world realizes as demonstrated by Mrs Greer. I'm so glad she is part of our team. My son is now thriving, and we owe the deepest gratitude to her. I'm so thankful she willingly and naturally looked past his behavior, met him where he was, and let him know she wasn't quitting him no matter what. Teachers have the opportunity to save the world one child at a time. What a blessing Mrs Greer has been.

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