Carmen Watts

Hendersonville High School - Eleventh Grade

I have nominated Mrs. Carmen Watts an 11th grade English Teacher. Mrs. Watts teaches Standard, Honors and Advanced Placement English. She has a strong and powerful connection with her students and the staff here at HHS. Mrs. Watts had to leave us for part of the last school year because of a medical situation. She came back at the start of this school year rearing to go. I think this quote from a staff member best summarizes our feeling regarding Mrs. Watts, “I nominate Mrs. Watts for her commitment to her students, her family, her workplace during her recent medical stay. I believe she is our own HHS Hero – the hardships she had to endure she did with grace and dignity. The response from her students was incredible and she always put HHS and her family before herself. She exudes an inner strength that all heroes possess – that strength is how she was able to return to us. She strives for the best and sees it in everyone, that is our HHS hero.” One of her students even reached out to her favorite team, the Minnesota Vikings, to bless Mrs. Watts with a gift to help speed her recovery and they did! This shows you the level of personal meaning she leaves her students with! Mrs. Watts is certainly deserving of any and all praise that goes along with being an Outstand Teacher! Thank you for your consideration.

Ponce Law
Ponce Law

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