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Christian Powell Gallatin High School 9th Grade

Gallatin High School

Grade: 9th Grade

Mr. Powell, has a very unique way of teaching, and understanding each of his students. No matter the circumstances he loved each and everyone of us the same without any judgement. Not many teachers do that anymore. I am a very upbeat, and outgoing kid, but somedays I just get down, and Mr. Powell always knew how to uplift me and let me know it’s going to be okay. I remember walking through the hallways with a bunch of unanswered thoughts and questions, and a lot of mixed emotions because of things that happened at home, and I knew that whole day that I was looking forward to Mr.Powell’s class because I could just be myself, and be accepted for who I am. I am very athletic, and many teachers don’t understand that I take basketball very seriously. Mr.Powell did. He got out his mini basketball hoop and we played for about 20 minutes because he knew it would cheer me up from the rough day I was having, without any of my peers know I got what was going on. Mr.Powell deserves this the most because he is such an incredible teacher and doesn’t get the credit he deserves.

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