No Image for Charity

Dan Johnson

Knox Doss Middle School

Grade: 7th Grade

Mr. Johnson spent years studying and practicing to learn Spanish just so he could help his students and their families. He now advocates for his English learners in the classroom, in the school building, and in the community. A recent example of this is when Dan applied for a local grant to fund a classroom goal to buy a handful of laptops. Because EL teachers are employed through the county rather the school building, school laptops are not usually parceled out to EL teachers. To ensure his students could practice their computer and language literacy, Dan wanted to equip his students--all at varying levels of English fluency--could be simultaneously challenged at the appropriate level in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Despite not being awarded the grant, Dan's co-workers were touched enough by his passion, goal, and support, they personally bought him Chromebooks for his students.

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