Darrell Duncan

Merrol Hyde Magnet School - Twelfth Grade

Mr. Duncan is a great teacher. He is the AP Euro, APUSH, and AP Gov teacher at MHMS, and works super hard to ensure that all of his students do well on the AP exams and leave his class with some new knowledge. He stays late at school on days and comes in on weekends to give students study help, and to manage students as they decorate for homecoming and Greek Week.

-Tyler G.

Mr. Duncan is an interactive and forward thinking teacher of history, inspiring the minds of high school students to reach within themselves for their best. Mr. Duncan’s AP and Honors classes are well prepared for not only the curriculum, but for the critical thinking to analyze, synthesize and conclude in a evidence-based case of support in interpreting a period of time across all aspects. Mr. Duncan takes his time to sponsor extracurricular academics teams, school trips and help students plan their high school schedules to achieve their goals. He goes above and beyond with his students, understanding, tailoring and differentiating to their needs. He is exemplifies a “Blue Ribbon School” educator. He is so admired and beloved by his students, he has performed their wedding ceremonies, being a licensed pastor in the state of Tennessee.

-Jennifer F.

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