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Edith Wainwright

Gene Brown Elementary

Grade: 3rd Grade

My daughter came into 3rd grade struggling. I knew she needed extra help but I didn't know exactly what was needed. The meeting we had set up at the beginning of the year, before I even got the words out Mrs. Wainwright said she saw how my daughter needed more help then she was getting. For 3 years it felt like no one saw what I saw but Mrs Wainwright finally saw it too. After this she got the ball rolling for the help she needs and to help through all the red tape. She constantly asked those in charge when my daughter will have the help and consistently checked in for the testing and paperwork. I feel like if it wasn't for Mrs. Wainwright (because no one else saw it yet) we might never have the appropriate help or it would have taken longer and put my daughter further behind.

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