Gretchen Huff

Merrol Hyde Magnet School - Tenth Grade

Ms. Huff is an intuitive and creative English teacher who brings the world into a different focus for her students showing them how to use their creative lens to explore and interpret literature and express their thoughts. She not only encourages students to “think of out the box” but equips them with the tools to present their insights in cogent and methodical ways. Ms. Huff bridges Middle School and High School classes, which is fortunate for her students as they start their foundation early and then build upon it in later years. Ms. Huff also devotes her time to academic extracurricular activities including coaching the Award Winning Academic team as well as co-coaching the girls volleyball team. Ms. Huff values her students and guides them to value themselves and their unique talents. Her compassion, encouragement and understanding inspires students to achieve not only their best work, but their best selves.