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JaneAnne Moss

Goodpasture Christian School

Grade: 3rd Grade

Ms. Moss is an amazing teacher! She teaches creatively and with encouragement, including having the kids shoot a basketball into a hoop or be able to bowl in the classroom whenever they get the answer right when or when they are learning a challenging subject. She has the third graders work on team research projects at school so that she can see their work without parent assistance. She creates a loving and nurturing environment for the children to learn confidence and essential studying skills. My daughter prayed consistently for months to be blessed with the opportunity to have Ms. Moss as her teacher. She helps them to feel safe and accepted in the classroom. She utilizes positive reinforcement to class rules and to overcome challenges. The kids learn and learn how to learn through good habits. Ms. Moss has also planned an end of year party for the full third grade across 3 classrooms so that nobody will be left out. Ms. Moss is diligent about keeping parents plugged into what is happening in the classroom through weekly email updates, online grade and task updates, and shared pictures of our children enjoying classroom activities, studying, participating in community service efforts, and working on projects. She feels like family. We love her!

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