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Kelly Sheppard

Hillsboro Elementary

Grade: 5th Grade

Kelly was a colleague and taught both of my daughters in 2 grades - so she has been my own children’s teacher 4 times. As a parent (and fellow math teacher), my kids would be working on homework at home. They would adamantly disagree with how I was trying to help them (even though Kelly and I taught same content and same strategies). Finally one night I was fed up and I called Kelly to calm my over anxious daughter down and help her. Her help on the other line was “listen to your mom, she knows what she is talking about!” Kelly is a phenomenal teacher and my girls were better math students all the way through college because of her influence and habits in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. My girls still talk about their time in her class and do not miss the chance to see her or talk to her! She is teacher for a year, mentor forever. She is deserving of a million accolades!

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