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Lauren Godfrey Sewanee Elementary 2nd Grade

Sewanee Elementary

Grade: 2nd Grade

My daughter started 2nd grade in a new school, in a new state, during a pandemic. She met the 2nd grade teachers a few days before the school year began, which would be in-person, wearing masks, and distanced from her new classmates. You would never know that this year has been stressful, or, a difficult transition from talking to my child. In fact, she seems to be thriving and having the time of her life. I believe this is largely due to her teacher, Mrs. Godfrey. Her positive attitude and admirable coping skills are contagious. In a year when most people, especially in education and healthcare, have a right to complain, this teacher stands out in my mind as an example to follow. This 2nd grade class has dance parties instead of pity parties. My daughter thought she wanted to be a teacher (or artist, or scientist, or writer) when she grows up, but thanks to Mrs. Godfrey her path is set. She sends extra blank papers home with my daughter so she can play school with her sister and friends, one of her all time favorite activities. And to hear my math-suspicious child come home and say, "fractions are easy!", it is certainly easy to see that this is a special teacher. I truly believe this teacher is deserving of extra praise this year, as are so many, during a pandemic or not. Mrs. Godfrey reminds me of one of my all time favorite teachers from 5th grade, Mrs. F., who inspired me on my path and gave me confidence to shine. I am grateful for a teacher that can remember, at least on most days, that book learning is important, but real learning empowers students, and brightens the light already shining within them.

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