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Marilynn Newman

Shelbyville Central High School

Grade: Other

Mrs. Newman teaches French to anyone that wants to learn. Every year she goes above and beyond for the students, even the ones that are not in her classes. She drives 20 miles one way to work everyday. She is there before 7am and is one of the last to leave every afternoon. She spends her own money to supply items for the ones that cannot afford them. She had a student last year that was attending school and trying to hold down a full time job to help support her family and pay for the things she needed for school. This student did not have a drivers license nor could she afford an automobile even if she did. She was walking everywhere she went. Mrs. Newman helped this student by furnishing her with the supplies she needed for school and helped locate her a bicycle to help her get around better. She does things like this every year for “her” students. She loves what she does with her whole heart. And her students love and appreciate her very much. She has not missed a day during all this COVID mess. I think this makes her a great candidate for your Outstanding Teacher Contest.

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