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Mary Elizabeth Gillespie McFadden School of Excellence 1st Grade

McFadden School of Excellence

Grade: 1st Grade

Mary Elizabeth Gillespie is my daughter-n-law. As a former teacher for over 30 years I have been able to experience her teaching while volunteering in her classroom since I have retired. In addition to being an adjunct university professor I have seen her apply the meaningful lessons she acquired at the university level and appropriately applied those concepts. Most importantly is her patience as she has guided many students to achieve and succeed. I think in this day and time of our pandemic it's difficult for so many teachers to continue as life dictates their path. I can tell you her attitude and grace is beyond expectations. I think of the word, tolerance, as she proceeds in her obligations as a teacher to love, guide, and shed happiness to everyone in her web. She is exceptional and proud to nominate her for a very deserving award. She smiles everyday with no exceptions for all that walk in her classroom. I am honored I can see first hand the love she exhibits to everyone around her, not only with students, but with her peers who respect her unconditionally. She is a jewel unrecognized in the rough!

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