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Matthew Turner Warren County High School 12 Grade

Warren County High School

Grade: 12 Grade

Coach Turner impacts so many kids in so many different ways. He works as a special education teacher serving students who have comprehensive disabilities. He attends to their daily care needs and provides educational services focused on transition and workforce training that will help these students lead more independent and meaningful adult lives. A principal commented about Coach Turner "I've seen that big guy tenderly leading special needs kids to reaching goals most see as insignificant." He is able to establish connections with his students that some others cannot, and he helps the kids achieve big wins! In his coaching work, he focuses not only on the scoreboard, but also and more so, on helping his athletes develop as young men. In speaking about his work as head football coach he was quoted saying, "When I took this job, I wanted to teach these young men how to love. I know that's not big burly man language, but I want to teach them how to love themselves, love their teammates, love their (future) wives, love their significant others, and love their families. I wanted them to play for each other. I think we've done that. I can't wait to see these young men grow and be successful. I think they will be just as successful in life as they were on the football field."

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