Megan Parks

Rockvale Elementary - First Grade

The moment I met Ms. Parks, I thought to myself “This is going to be a great year for my son and myself!” Her commitment to her students goes beyond the school day. She spends her own money, time and energy just to make sure her students feel loved, safe while learning to their greatest potential at the same time. She is extremely knowledgeable and confident yet humble and approachable in her teaching style as well as her personality. Anytime you walk into her classroom her students are engaged and happy…no matter the subject. Hands down, speaking from a parent of a son that was in her class and an educator myself, Ms. Parks presents with a teaching style and personality that is beyond parallel. I can honestly say my son and I are both blessed to have had Ms. Parks in our lives. In the own words of my 8 year old son who was honored to have Ms. Parks as a teacher in first grade, “Mom, Ms. Parks is the reason why I’m so smart.”