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Melissa Barr Ashland City Elementary 1st Grade

Ashland City Elementary

Grade: 1st Grade

Melissa Barr is an extraordinary person that has always used her love to teach students, families of her students, and colleagues. I have had the pleasure of knowing Mrs. Barr as a parent, co-teacher, and friend. She is the educator that stays late and on weekends to create magical learning environments for her young students while simultaneously spending time with her husband and family as they help her. My son fell in love with her in kindergarten and dutifully packed her a lunch everyday. She remains his favorite teacher even as he prepares to begin lineman school. She makes life-long connections with her students. She has been a mentor to many many new and experienced teachers. She patiently listens, encourages, and even teaches families of her students ways to support their children. I have watched her quietly supply families with groceries, money for bills, and medicine for sick children within our school. She does not mention these acts of kindness and she does these things simply because she wants to help.. She listens with her eyes, ears, and heart and there is no one that teaches social emotional skills the way she does. She is an energetic and dynamic teacher that has been voted teacher of the year many times in her career. She has always been the very model of self care and healthy living which makes her recent diagnosis of cancer shocking. East Cheatham Elementary and Ashland City Elementary want to show our love, dedication, and support to Melissa Barr for her humanity and for making the world a better brighter place to live.

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