Mike Marsh

Merrol Hyde Magnet School - Tenth Grade

Mr. Marsh traded a successful business career for teaching students during their formative years to explore and achieve their dreams. Mr. Marsh brings strength of purpose and develops inquisitive thought in his science and math students,leading them to excel and pursue their studies with an open and questioning mind. Mr. Marsh has been the academic sponsor of the Nationally ranked MHMS team, a configuration unique to his philosophy of inclusiveness. Through Mr. Marsh’s initiative, students throughout schools in Sumner County can participate on the team, which can number upwards of 69 students from multiple schools. Add to that the breadth of discplines from engineering to programming to marketing and presentation, and it becomes evident the number of student lives he has impacted over the years. Many learn confidence in areas they were once intimidated by and others learn to excel in their passions, many securing scholarships for undergraduate study due to the opportunity Mr. Marsh’s leadership has created. Always a sympathetic, but prudent adviser, Mr. Marsh continues to be a mentor to students beyond the classroom and beyond their direct time with him. His commitment to success in life lessons and preparation goes well beyond an award or accolade – he teaches the students to value the process and what you learn in the process, not just the end result.