Nicole Klingmann

Ashland City Elementary - Kindergarten

Nicole has taught both of my children and has set high expectations for all of their future teachers. She is passionate about teaching her children and goes above and beyond for both her students and students.

-Amanda S.

Nicole is a school leader. She is the organizer and lead on so many initiatives for our school that it’s hard to count! Nicole is one of the hardest working and most involved teachers I’ve known. She deserves this honor for all that she’s done, and continues to do, to make Ashland City Elementary such a special place!

-Stephanie B.

She is fun and loving with her kindergarten kids. She has patience, empathy, creativity, and she is constantly shaping their young minds. Ms. Klingmann engages her students in the curriculum and never misses an opportunity to teach them. She is an amazing teacher!

-Ingrid M.

Nicole Klingmann creates new learning opportunities daily for her students. She loves and cares for each and every student, putting her heart into her classroom.

-Amber L.

Mrs. Klingmann is one of the most involved passionate teachers I’ve ever met.. she was my daughters kindergarten teacher and I couldn’t have asked for someone better.. she truly cares for each and every student that walks the halls of that school.. she organizes 90% of the events that take place and doesn’t miss a beat in her class while doing so, and all the while she doesn’t ask for a thing in return.. her coworkers, parents, and students are truly blessed. ..she deserves this award more then anyone.

-Jessica A.

She’s a great teacher. She loves the little kids. She’s an amazing person. She helps around the school. Not sure when she sleeps. She’s always busy.

-Delora H.

A great teacher with a passion to teach and to help her students to learn and succeed. She spends a lot of her own free time to prepare for her class to be the best teacher possible. She truly cares for all of her students.

-Michael K.

Nicole Klingmann is not only an innovative kindergarten teacher, she also provides leadership in many school-wide projects throughout ACES. Her special touch and attention to detail helps create the best learning environment for her students. Miss Klingmann has a genuine love for educating children!

-Robyn A.

Ms. Klingmann goes above and beyond for her students. She does an amazing job as a classroom teacher but she, also, helps out the entire school and staff. She is involved with helping and setting up several events throughout the year. She is a great Teacher!

-Heather C.

My daughter absolutely LOVES Ms. Klingmann! She makes learning fun and exciting. Every day my daughter comes home with stories and fun facts she learned at school!

-Brittney Y.

She is the best. Hands down.

-Amanda G.

Ms. Klingmann instills a love of learning in her students that stays with them long after they have moved from her classroom. Her excitement and enthusiasm in teaching is inspiring! She truly teaches from her heart and you see that in her classroom.

-Jessica C.

She is the most inspiring, out going teacher I know. She always makes sure every kid is taken care of and every kid has fun!

-Leigh G.

I am not only blessed with having Ms. Klingmann as a colleague on our kindergarten team but also as a classroom suite mate. Ms. Klingmann truly loves her job and all her students. I witness daily, the great lengths she goes to make learning interesting and exciting for her students past and present. Ms. Klingmann does much more than her daily job of teaching. She brings wonderful events and activities to our school, such as field day activities and jump rope for heart. Not only is she an amazing teacher, she is a great team leader, and a supportive colleague.

-Tabitha T.

Ms. Klingmann is an incredibly dedicated educator, she spends the majority of her very limited free time planning fun and creative ways to engage her students. She has volunteered for every role in her school district to help bring their students the most enriching experiences possible. She is truly a wonderful person with a big heart who is always putting others before her and deserves some well earned recognition.

-Christy P.

She constantly goes above and beyond to provide the individual care and attention that each and every student deserves. She is dedicated to making sure her students are more than prepared for their future.

-Victor A.

She is an amazing person who devotes all her time to helping form our youth by teaching them.

-Marykrista M.

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