Paul Saboe

Pope John Paul II High School - Twelfth Grade

Mr. Paul Saboe has been an active instructor at Pope John Paul II High School for almost over a decade and a half, and within that time he has instructed young minds to take an active interest in the world around them, whether this was from a historical context by way of a freshman history class or the modern day, by leading the school’s award winning Model United Nations Program. Mr. Paul Saboe has personally been one of the most influential instructors to myself, molding my interest in foreign affairs to such a degree that I actively use much of his teachings in my duties with United States Air Force to this day. Besides just myself though, I have ,time and again, observed that Paul Saboe’s level of effort and commitment to each of his students is truly one of an inspired and driven instructor, who wants the best for each of his students, and is, in my view, deserving of what recognition may be given so that he may further continue to selflessly educate and shape future students to be forward thinking problem solvers in our society. He is without a doubt in this Technical Sergeant’s mind one of the primary reason’s I am able to lead my troops to the level that I do, all the while modeling what I can from the example he set forth almost a decade ago. It is for these reasons that I wholeheartedly support his nomination for this award and provide what I assistance I can in this endeavor.

-Nicholas C.

Paul Saboe has done an outstanding job molding the kids of Model UN over the years. My son joined as a shy freshman and has flourished. He uses his voice now and his writing ability is excellent. Thanks to Mr Saboe, my son is great at history and speeches/debate. He now is going to pursue becoming a lawyer once he graduates high school. Mr. Saboe had the best year ever this year winning awards with his Model UN team consisting of freshman through seniors. He is one of the most dedicated, organized, consistent, knowledgeable teachers I have ever met and is always there for his students. All that have been in Mr. Saboe’s history class or the Model UN program have been touched in a positive way by him.

-Diane B.

Mr. Saboe is one of the most passionate teachers we have ever known. His ability to engage the students in a manner that lets them feel heard yet while still pushing them to new limits is uncanny. He known for being a “tough” class yet the students still love him. He is a true gem and a treasure that has been made available to our family.

-John H.

Mr. Saboe has taught two of my three children in 9th grade history. Though he is not an easy A kind of teacher, my kids adore him. He is so much fun and dedicates a great deal of time to his students.

-Angela H.

Mr. Saboe has been an inspiration to not only my daughter, but to countless other students. His knowledge and communication with students is amazing! Not only do his students LOVE him, but he also maintains a relationship with the parents.

-Susan S.

Mr Saboe is the absolute best teacher I’ve met in my sons 11 years of school. He loves to teach and has a way to make you love what he’s teaching. I watched him turn my son into a student.

-Jeff R.

Paul Saboe runs the Model UN club at JP2 which not only is fun but also provides students with speaking experience that other activities don’t author. In addition, he always is there for his students who he inspires to be better. He consistently gives out grades on time and makes history engaging.

-James F.

Both of my children have had Mr. Saboe as their history teacher. They were well served by the high but transparent standards, availability of support and assistance when they needed it, prompt feedback, and clear expectations. He has developed the Model UN program into one that is highly accomplished, developing and encouraging writing and speaking skills. He also oversees the summer camp program that is fun and educational. He truly cares about JPII high school and all of his students.

-Juliet D.

Paul is a mentor for his students. My daughter was shy and unable to speak to large groups before and now she is speaking at Model UN conferences.

-Janet J.

Paul Saboe is an excellent history teacher at JP2 and represents strong leadership in the classroom as well as leading the students in the Model UN program.

-Molly A.

I could not hope to adequately express our positive feelings about Mr. Saboe. My daughter (“M”) is a freshman at JPII. It can be a very trying year – high school transition, teen social dynamics, etc. Mr. Saboe has not only shined in the classroom as her world history teacher, he has been a tremendous help to her and many other students in terms of navigating a successful start to their high school careers. M has come to love world history through his innovative and thought-provoking teaching methods. He has helped her find her “voice” and, in so doing, has greatly increased her confidence and willingness to share her thoughts constructively with others. He is beyond engaged in the classroom. The amount of time and effort he puts in with the students outside of normal class hours is tremendous – whether it’s answering questions about topics they are struggling with in class, helping them as they work on their assignments/paper to make sure that their work product meets their true potential, or even just discussing topics from the classroom (and the news) that they are interested in. He commands respect from his students, but provides a mentorship that exceeds expectations. Teachers, generally, are undervalued resources, and someone like Mr. Saboe still goes above and beyond in such a way as to make “undervalued” an understatement of epic proportions. He doesn’t just give his time and energy to the students who sit in his classroom; he puts in countless hours coaching the JPII Model UN team (which has seen tremendous success under his advisement) and working with students across the school. There are not enough positive things we could say about the difference that Mr. Saboe is making. Thank you for considering him for this award.

-Katie S.

Mr. Saboe has changed my daughter’s life. She was a very shy and scared freshman and has become a self confident junior who has taken on leadership roles and joined many school clubs. None of this would have happened without the support of her beloved teacher Mr. Saboe. He has supported and pushed her, not only in academics, but with every aspect of her high school life. He has given her a spot to study and eat lunch and get great life advice everyday at JPII. She feels comfortable and confident because of this excellent life role model in her life. Mr. Saboe will have a lifelong impact in her life. I am forever grateful.

-Cami P.

Mr. Saboe was an unbelievable engaging teacher. He made learning fun! In addition to engaging his student in class, he also was dynamic in laying the foundation (and more) for collegiate level writing. I majored in History in college, the subject that Mr. Saboe teaches. I don’t think I would have chosen History as a major had I not had Mr. Saboe in High School.

-Jon W.

Paul Saboe is a great teacher. Working for JP2 for 17 years, he has developed many minds and has inspired many kids. This is his last year working here and would be amazing for him to win.

-Kennedy S.

He is an amazing History teacher at JP2, but also he inspires these teenagers to grow both academically & confidently. He has built the Model UN program up where it is National ranked every year & these students gain so much. He respects them & they respect him & witnessing the joy I see when they are conversing with him about their work is amazing.

-Susan S.

Mr. Saboe has been such an amazing inspiration to the kids at JPII! He makes learning about history fun, but still maintains the respect and rules. He’s been a tremendous influence on our son! He has also garnered the respect of schools across the country for the Model UN program at JPII. There is none better!!

-Maria H.

I have known Paul Saboe for 18 years. He is truly one of the last educators who actually cares about not just the high school education of the students but what happens after high school. He was my son’s teacher 18 years ago. My son learned not just book knowledge but what to expect in the real world. Thanks to Paul, he went on to stay out of trouble and become a well known and respected scientist helping others to live better and healthier lives. And there are thousands more just like my son. Paul deserves to be recognized for his heartfelt dedication and devotion to the students and their families. Thank you for the opportunity to let others know what a treasure Paul is to the world of educating our future leaders.

-Rita P.

He is caring with the students and is an amazing teacher.

-Ava B.

He goes the extra mile.

-Ethan H.

He listens and motivates his students and helps them excel.

-Lyndsey S.

He is the most dedicated teacher I know. He shows up the first to school every morning doing whatever he can to prepare his students for the future.

-Amy M.

Mr. Saboe has worked with the community at JP2 and outside to make his students comfortable and at ease with their environment. He has brought our school to a very successful field in the Model UN events for High school. He is always roaming the hallways in the morning checking on students and asking how they are. He also is available at all times for help. He is a great teacher and a wonderful example of what it means to be a leader.

-Ryan M.

Since being in Mr. Saboe’s History and Model UN classes, my son has really come out of his shell. It’s obvious to me that Mr. Saboe makes school fun and exciting for him. After hearing the way my son speaks of Mr. Saboe, I credit him as being a positive influence on him in other ways as well.

-Micah B.

Mr. Saboe is hands down the the very best teacher my son has ever had ( and I am a teacher!). Mr. Saboe generally cares about his students. He shows a passion for growing each young mind, shaping and guiding each student to be their very best self. Mr. Saboe maintains strict standards, high expectations, and a positive mindset, but he walks along side his students as they develop discipline, knowledge, and writing skills. Mr. Saboe approaches every new world history topic with zest and his humorous outlook and teaching style inspire the students to work diligently and even to look forward to each class. He is truly one of a kind!

-Arrione G.

Mr. Saboe has been a great inspiration to me not only in class, but also in extracurriculars. Through leading the Model UN program at my school, he has allowed me to transform from a shy freshman to a confident senior. His constant encouragement and fun attitude makes class interesting and inspiring. I have never met a teacher so dedicated to students that he would show up at school hours before it begins simply to be there for his students and prepare for the upcoming day.

-Drew J.

Mr. Saboe has been the most inspirational teacher and person I have ever met. He has taught me so many life skills and lessons that I have learned from over the past years. He creates a positive environment in the hallways everyday and in the classroom.

-Ella P.

My daughter had Mr.Saboe as her World History Teacher Freshman year. Let me tell you, Mr. Saboe pushes each and every student that he has the chance to teach. He sees more potential in your kids than they actually see in themselfs. He’s always there to help in any way he can. After my daughter went through his class, she’s become such a better writer and has more confidence in what she writes. She will even tell you it’s because of Mr. Saboe she can write well. My daughter and I are truly thankful for everything he’s done.

-Cynthia K.

Rock Star! – My son has learned so much this year. My son tells me Mr. Saboe challenges him in very unique ways. Every day and each week. My son has told me many times, he now knows the difference between a teach who just teaches and a person who really cares that you have an experience and fully understand the subject. My son has also told me Mr. Saboe is by far one of the best educators he has had. Thank you so much Mr Saboe!

-Mike L.

Mr. Saboe inspires each of his kids in ways I’ve not seen a teacher inspire. Mr. Saboe works each day to assure that all the kids in his class walk away with an understanding of the days lesson. Mr. Saboe spends time out side of classroom hours talking with the students about life and issues. Mr. Saboe is a teacher I wish I had growing up.

-Mat G.

Mr. Saboe is an amazing History teacher at JP2. He maintains a reputation of being a difficult teacher, but an awesome teacher loved by all of the kids. He makes History so fun to learn and expects nothing but the best out of his students. He has the best communication with the parents of his students, so as a parent he is number one in my book!

-Jennifer S.

Mr Saboe is always available to help the student in early morning late at night even the weekend and during lunches. He wants to make sure students understand when they walk out his class room. Mr Saboe is above and beyond to help students who need his help. He is a wonderful teacher. Thank you so much for your time to make sure all students do a great jobs on their tests and homeworks.

-Nhu N.


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