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Raven Brayman

JW Wiseman Elementary School

Grade: 1st Grade

Ms. B. is an amazing first grade teacher who never gives up on her kids. This is her first full year as a teacher and she makes learning an adventure and makes kids look forward to school, despite all the challenges they have faced during Covid. She is hard working and dedicated - often the first teacher to arrive and the last to leave. Her classroom is thriving and her joy is contagious and spreads throughout the classroom and the school. One of my favorite recent memories is how she played an awesome April fools joke on the classroom by telling them she was bringing them brownies. she had them all lay their head on their desk like heads up seven up and passed out a brown cut out of the capital E - they were adorable as they asked - " What's this?" "Ms. B. where is our brownie?, She asked what it was they had on their desk and they replied - a brown paper - a letter E, where is our brownie? Then they got the joke - she had given them a brown E - they were so adorable when they "got it" and of course she gave them an actual brownie after the joke! It's that kind of creative thinking that makes her the best teacher who implements not only the curriculum but also sparks creativity and cultivates the joy of learning in her classroom and I am proud to nominate her for Outstanding Teacher of the Year!

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