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Regina Radencic

AH Roberts

Grade: Other

My son had really struggled the first half of his first grade year. He was only getting 1 to 2 of his spelling words correct on his tests. He was refusing to read or even sound out words due to his frustration and fear of appearing less than his peers who were reading above his level. His lack of confidence was really effecting his education. He then got a chance to move into a class being taught by Mrs. Regina Radencic and within a few weeks of this he finally made a 100 on his spelling test! He was also reading so much better and proud to read. My son was actually wanting to get his book out and read to me without me begging him! I know Mrs. Regina is doing her job, but she has done so much more for my son! I am not sure how, but she worked miracles and I am forever grateful for this wonderful teacher.

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