Savannah Redferrin

Dickson Elementary - Fourth Grade

Savannah Redferrin is a third generation teacher who truly is a blessing to all she teaches. Teaching to her is first and foremost loving her students. Each student is miraculously made to feel like the most important one. Teaching in a school where many are economically deprived has allowed her not only to teach, but to also see needs and meet them. Savannah keeps a cabinet full of snacks for those unable to have those provided from home. She listens intently and sees many needs. She left school last year just before a three day weekend and paid the water bill of a student’s family who otherwise would have been without that long weekend. She had a parent whose car was broken down in route to pick up her child. With no money for a tow or repairs, Savannah had a mechanic take care of the need. For many she has purchased clothes and basic necessities. Through these random acts of kindness( many done anonymously) her children simply feel the love and consequently long to please her.
She is a fun compassionate teacher who has dressed as a giraffe and as a dinosaur to make learning fun. She refers to her fourth graders as “ her babies” and they truly are. She goes to see them play sports to support them any way she can. She is the epitome of a teacher who pours herself into her students.

Ponce Law
Ponce Law

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