Scott Padgett

Cheatham County Central High School - Tenth Grade

Scott Padgett is not only an incredible teacher, he’s also an incredible coworker. He is always willing to lend a hand to help out with things I’m doing, even though I know he has to be so busy serving his own students. He literally gave the shirt off his back so a student in need could have a costume for a play. Scott Padgett is the kind of teacher, and the kind of person, I hope I can grow to become more like.

-Lauren S.

Mr. Padgett is a great teacher and kind friend to all. He is always willing to jump in and help a student whether or not they are in his class and he is always the first to call and see if he needs to cover for another teacher while waiting for a substitute.

-Rachel C.

He makes learning fun. He cares about the whole student, not just academically. He gets there early and stays late. He would do anything for his students or coworkers. He is a genuinely good person!

-Audra F.

Scott goes above and beyond every day. I would say, “every school day.” But he goes above and beyond every single day for the school. I have rarely seen an individual come to any place of work with more passion, love, dedication, and commitment that he does. He goes out of his way to help other teachers and every single student. It should be mentioned that Scott lives over 40 minutes away from school. So his commitment is seven days a week making that trek from out of the county to the school. Even though he is out of the county, he is a member of the local community as if he was born and raised here. He is an example for every teacher and for every student. As a teacher, I have seen him come in early and hold tutoring sessions and stay late to hold tutoring sessions. The seniors he mentors, he takes special care of them and raising seniors want to be mentored by him. He takes special attention for each student. His dry sense of humor and wit plays very well in a high school setting. If I could be half the teacher Scott is, I would be a content man.

-Eric T.

He is very helpful. He answers any questions you have, and he is very smart. He is a wonderful teacher.

-Brooklyn A.

Mr. Padgett works really hard to make sure his students understand the content. He stays after school 4 hours a week to help students and works with them during his lunch.

-Rebecca H.

Mr. Padge is an amazing teacher, both of my both boys have had him and love his class. He is a great inspiration and mentor for his students. Mr. Padge puts in countless hours before school, during school, after school and during his own lunch break working with the kids to give them every chance to excel. He not only helps his student while they are in his class but he also keeps in touch with his students that have moved on and makes sure they are succeeding in life. My sons will never forget the affect he has had on their lives.

-Misty M.

Mr. Padgett is a passionate and caring teacher. He truly cares about his students, and will go out of his way to make sure they get the support they need. He is always staying after school to help his students get where they need to be. He is always reaching out to students, and making them feel cared for.

-Jessica B.

Scott Pagett is an amazing man. He has a great passion for the classroom, students and his peers. He arrives early and stays late every day either to help students grade essays. He is the one of the strongest relationship builders I have ever seen in my 13 years in education. He is always positive and tries to bring fun to learning. He makes sure to form solid relationships, especially with our seniors, as he motivates and mentors them toward graduation.Even though he has been in the classroom a long time, he is always willing to try new things. He was also honored this year as the county’s high school teacher of the year!

-Ashley K.

Outstanding attitude and passion for his work and for his students. He wants the very best for others!

-Steve W.

Mr. Padgett always goes above and beyond for each of his students. His passion for teaching and learning exudes in every lesson. I have never had a teach who invests so much time and energy into his work. Padgett takes genuine interest into his students life and pushes them to be as successful as they can.

-Hailey H.

Mr. Padgett is a teacher who endlessly pours into his students. He is at school everyday from 4 in the morning until the late hours of night. Teaching is his life and he would do anything for his students.

-Alicia H.

He is always there for the students even when they aren’t exactly grasping the content. He tries his best to ensure success of all his students.

-Page H.

This teacher is caring of other students and cares about the students in our school as a whole. He pushes each student to do their best and provides valuable knowledge to his students. He sets a good example of how a person should be each day in the class room!

-Emily N.

Mr. Padgett always goes above and beyond for his students and co-workers. He is always at the school after hours working tirelessly to improve the education of his students. Mr. Padgett is well respected by the students and staff here at CCCHS. His smile is infectious and we are blessed to have him as part of the Cheatham family.

-Kelly L.

Scott is a dedicated teacher with a servants heart. He not only prepares his English students for the rigor of future college and career choices but also mentors a group of seniors each year guideing them in meeting deadlines and making good choices. Scott volunteers in our Tuesday/Thursday after school tutoring program and is often seen meeting with students during lunch time. These extra hours put in with our students are done with love and dedication to enriching students lives. He deserves to be rewarded for the “Outstanding” teacher he is.

-Amy C.

Fantastic educator, building relationships with students and families, and working tirelessly for the school and community. His subject expertise, professionalism, and dedication are second to none.

-Matthew S.

He has nicknames for everyone. He always motivates the kids to do their best. He’s a great teacher. He has great things to say to the kids.

-Delora H.

He’s an amazing funny guy. He cares about every single kid at the school and does his best in everything he teaches

-Charlie M.

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