Angela Price

Coast Guard - 12 Years of Service

She is my best friend who is also a nurse, and has stood by me, saved my life by getting me to ERs when I had infection, blood infection, and stroke. She checked on me and could tell I was slurring/not speaking normally and got me to the hospital, and a couple other times with the infections. She also gave me my IV antibiotics at home when home health had not started coming nor would do my IV meds. She has also cleaned my living space and had my carpet removed and changed to laminate to make me less likely to get infected. She drives me places too, and accompanied me to some hospital and doctor appointments, when my 88 year old Mom can’t, or needs a break. My gal Angie helps me and others all the time, and I think maybe learned to help/save folk while in the coast guard and after that, the reserves. She has her share of anxiety (she sees the VA for that and medical) and tells me I help her back, by checking on her and keeping her company.