Tim Clenney

Marine Corps - 22 Years of Service

Tim Clenney entered the United States Marine Corps 12-15-1980, at Parris Island at the age of 19. He then went on to Infantry School and ultimately was called to BLT 2/2, assigned as a Forward Observer for mortars, artillery and Air-Naval gunfire. 2 years later, Clenney was sent to Sniper School. After successful completion he was assigned to STA PLT (Sniper Platoon) and ran that for 3 years. While in STA PLT, he attended and graduated from Army Ranger School. Continuing his career, he attended DI School and was a Drill Instructor at Parris Island for 3 years. Beyond that, he went to the 2ND RECON BN for 4 years and then finished his active military service with Recruitment Duty until his retirement in March 2001.
Military deployments include Beirut (1983), Desert Shield and Desert Storm (1990-1991). Other assignments in his active service are still considered classified.
After 21 years of active military service, MSgt Clenney wanted to continue his calling to serve others. This calling led him to serve over the last 19 years at the community level as the Military Instructor in Hendersonville High School’s Marine Corps JROTC Program, in which he was the founding instructor. Over the last 19 years, his passion has been developing citizenship and outstanding leadership in the youth that have come through the doors of his program. Not only has he become a mentor and motivator to hundreds of young cadets over the years, he became to many, a father figure. Always there to give honest advice and guidance, he impacted the lives of many young adults. His own leadership has motivated most of the graduates from his program to attend college, some of whom have received scholarships to prestigious military schools such The Citadel, West Point, The Air Force Academy, Florida State, NC State, Penn State, Tulane, Texas A&M, Auburn, and Norwich University. Other graduates chose career paths that have led them to be successful professionals and entered the work force with advanced problem-solving and leadership abilities. Other cadets answered their own personal calling to serve, enlisting in all branches of the United States military.
MSgt Clenney’s JROTC Program is supported by a well-organized Booster Club, that is completely operated by donations of time and money. There is a strong spirit of volunteerism by parents and community members that is spurred by Clenney’s leadership and his attitude of service to others. The Booster Club and its parents are always looking for creative and dynamic ways to raise money in order to support the extracurricular opportunities offered to the cadets, including a competitive Raider Team, a Drill Team, Color Guard and a Marksmanship Team. To be the recipient of a scholarship, awarded on the merit and lifetime commitment of MSgt Tim Clenney, would be a wonderful way to honor this man.