Employer Retaliation and the Public Protection Act

When you get injured on the job and can’t return to work, you may need to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. But your employer may dispute your benefit claim or retaliate by lowering your pay, cutting your hours or responsibilities, or even firing you.

On screen: “If I get hurt at work can my employer fire me for filing a workers’ compensation claim?”

Michael: You can’t be fired in direct retaliation for a workers’ compensation claim. However, following a work accident, very few employers will tell you the true reason for your termination. Tennessee is an at-will employment state. That means that employees can be terminated at any time—even while recovering from a work injury, as long as the termination is not in retaliation for the workers’ compensation claim.

This can be a complicated situation. If you were fired or laid off following a work accident, contact one of our employment lawyers. At Ponce Law, we can investigate the true reason for your termination and help you take legal action to protect your rights.

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The Public Protection Act makes it illegal for Tennessee employers to retaliate against workers like you for any reason. At Ponce Law, we’re dedicated to standing up for workers’ rights. If your employer retaliated against you for filing a workers’ compensation claim, contact our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys at 615-244-4325 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Why Do Employers Retaliate Against Employees?

Employers may retaliate against workers who file workers’ compensation claims for a number of reasons, such as:

  • To avoid paying workers’ compensation benefits
    Employers who are more concerned with profits than their workers’ health and well-being may use threats to convince injured workers to drop their claims, so they can avoid paying benefits.
  • To reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims
    Some employers may try to make examples of employees who file workers’ compensation claims to discourage others from also filing claims after they suffer on-the-job injuries.

Company owners, managers, or supervisors who discriminate against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims are in violation of Tennessee law. The Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys at Ponce Law have years of experience with these cases, and when companies cross the line — we’ll hold them accountable.

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It may be difficult to provide for your family if your employer retaliates against you. Let our Nashville workers’ compensation attorneys handle your claim and put the power back in your hands. Whether it’s helping you get your job back, obtaining a severance package for your dismissal, or getting compensation for your lost wages and emotional damage, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the benefits you’re owed.