Ponce Law is motivated by the difference we make in our clients’ lives. We do everything in our power to help them get their lives back to normal after suffering serious injuries. Hear what they have to say about working with Ponce Law.

I recently called Ponce Law to ask if they could handle a case I have. When speaking to the receptionist she was very polite, I can say it has been the best customer service I have ever received, unfortunately my case wasn’t a case they handle but that didn’t stop them from helping me they gave me a few numbers where I could reach out to. Ponce Law is definitely my go to if I ever need them just based off the phone call I had with them today. Call Ponce Law!!

Francisco Chavez

Ponce Law was recommended to me from Kim Burton. She encouraged me to get assistance with my auto accident. Ponce Law’s team did amazing with my case! I would highly recommend them to anyone that gets in an auto accident. Fantastic job!

Chelsey Burton

Working with Ponce Law was a complete game-changer for me. After a distressing encounter with another law firm, I was recommended to reach out to Ponce Law by a friend. From the moment I connected with Lilly, I knew I was in good hands.
Throughout a difficult period marked by the loss of my stepmother, Lilly and the team at Ponce Law showed me so much empathy and support. Their kindness extended beyond legal matters – receiving flowers from Lilly during such a trying time meant the world to me. Those flowers, that I plan to plant outside my home, serve as a constant reminder of the care and compassion I received.
Lilly’s attentiveness and genuine concern for my well-being made all the difference. It never felt like I was just another case; instead, I felt like I was confiding in a trusted friend. The outcome of my case brings me not only closure but also the means to move forward with my life.
Thanks to Ponce Law, I’ve not only secured a settlement but also gained a newfound sense of peace and direction. Their support has empowered me to make positive changes and embrace a brighter future. I can’t recommend Ponce Law enough – they’re not just a legal team; they’re a beacon of hope in challenging times.

Sara Nall

My wife was in a car accident. A young driver hit her from behind and knocked her into the car in front of her. The situation got tricky right away. Neither of us knew how to navigate this kind of situation. That is where Cheyenne with Ponce Law came into the picture. Cheyenne put us at ease and handled everything and kept us up to date every step of the way. I don’t know what we would have done without Cheyenne and all her experience. She was very attentive, kind, and showed genuine compassion! Thank you Cheyenne and Ponce Law for all your help!

Lindsey Martone

After a bad crash and time in the Vanderbilt trauma unit we made the call to Ponce law. It was a great experience and my paralegal Dalhia was exceptional and always in contact. My lawyer Hanna on top of everything and explained every step. In the end they were able to get me everything they could. I would call again and refer everyone to them

Skip Phillips

I had such a great experience with Ponce Law. Everyone went above and beyond for my children and I. Adam and Lauren were very attentive and made me feel very comfortable throughout the process. I would definitely recommend them to anyone in need.

Crystal E.

Such a pleasure to work with them! Dahlia and the team there are amazing. Very professional and courteous. They answered all of my questions and guided me the entire way. I received random case updates every few days (Which I loved) and they came to a resolution very quickly for us. I will definitely ONLY be going to Ponce Law from now on. I highly recommend!

Eric Vasquez

Adam and Lauren were instrumental in my experience with Ponce Law, and I am genuinely happy with the overall process. One aspect that stood out was their consistent communication, making sure that I never felt forgotten, and they regularly checked to see if my treatment was progressing well.
From the beginning, the intake team treated my case with the importance it deserved. They made me feel like my situation mattered, and that meant a lot to me.
I chose Ponce Law initially because it popped up when I Googled it, and the name sounded familiar to me. Little did I know, this choice would lead to a positive and supportive experience during a challenging time. I appreciate the dedication, professionalism, and care that Adam, Lauren, and the entire team at Ponce Law provided throughout everything.

Rose Perez

I Really Enjoyed My Overall Experience With The Staff That Worked With At Ponce Law. The Heartfelt Conversations, Hugs, Encouraging Words & Quick Responses Help To Give Me A Peace Of Mind. Thank You Ponce Law Firm!!!

Sherry Bobbitt

I must say Ponce Law is the best hands down!!!! Mr Adam and Ms Kitty is the best!!! They kept me in the loop and resolve all my issues.. I was lost before they helped me!!! Thanks Ponce Law and Mr. Adam and Ms Kitty!!!

Jason Anderson

Being in a car accident was tough, especially with the shoulder and neck injuries that lingered for months. But having Hannah and Dahlia from Ponce Law by my side made a significant difference. What stood out for me was the thoughtful gesture of receiving a box of gifts in the mail after completing my medical treatment. It came with a little note expressing their care, letting me know they were diligently investigating my case, and sometimes, these things take time. That sentiment meant a lot to me.
I decided to call Ponce Law based on a friend’s recommendation, and I’m grateful that I did. I had used another attorney’s office before for a personal injury, and while they were okay, the experience with Ponce Law was on a different level. The care, the attention, and the personal touch made a noticeable and positive impact. I highly recommend Ponce Law to anyone in need, and I’m thankful for the support Hannah, Dahlia, and the entire team provided during a challenging time.

Keith Cox

I want to express my gratitude for the exceptional service I received from Ponce Law. Brad and Ty were an incredible team, always ready to assist and promptly addressing all my questions. What set them apart was their dedication to ensuring I understood every aspect of my situation. They made the entire process seamless and were consistently responsive and courteous. Brad’s ability to simplify complex matters made me feel confident in my decisions. I’m thankful to my mother for recommending Ponce Law, as their expertise and commitment truly made a difference in my case.

Stina Croslin

Brian and Cheyenne made my first experience with an attorney’s office a breeze. I’m thrilled with the outcome of my case—the settlement exceeded my expectations. A friend’s mother recommended Ponce Law, and I’m so glad she did. The support I received was crucial, especially during the 2-3 weeks I was out of work. Thanks, Ponce Law, for delivering results beyond what I anticipated.

Katesha Blivens

My experience at Ponce Law has been exceptional! They communicate in a timely manner and also explain the situation very well. Attorney Hannah Jones was amazing! She really cares for her clients and listens to our needs. She is ambitious and hardworking. Everyone we have worked with has been so kind. Definitely recommend this firm.

Hannah Esguerra

If you are in need of representation involving a motor vehicle accident/personal injury, look no further than Ponce Law. Hannah and Dahlia are hands down the absolute best. They handled my case thoroughly, with great efficiently and kept me informed (play-by-play) of all developments as my case moved along. In addition, this dynamic duo will remain relentless in their pursuit from start to finish to get you the most favorable outcome possible. They may have beautiful faces but they are absolute animals when it comes to fighting for their clients…take my word for it, you will never go anywhere else.

Thomas Joyce

I had the privilege of having Adam and Lauren as my legal team during a challenging time in my life.
Having previously dealt with insurance companies after a previous accident, I knew the complexities involved. When my recent accident occurred, resulting in injuries to my shoulder, neck, and back, as well as a loss of grip strength, I had to undergo three months of treatment.
Adam and Lauren were there for me every step of the way. They went above and beyond to ensure I received the support and care I needed.
This was my first experience seeking legal help, and I found Ponce Law through an online search. Additionally, my mother encouraged me to contact them. I’m so grateful I did.
Everyone at Ponce Law was exceptionally kind and accommodating. Lauren, in particular, stood out for her dedication. She not only handled the legal aspects of my case but also took the initiative to address situations not directly related to my case. She wanted to make sure that my best interests were always the top priority. This level of care and commitment was truly remarkable and deeply appreciated.
In a challenging time, Ponce Law, with Adam and Lauren leading the way, provided the support and expertise I needed. I can’t thank them enough for their exceptional service and genuine concern for my well-being.

Julian Hunter

I would definitely recommend Ponce Law to anyone needing representation. My experience was great from the moment I made the phone call. Although, this was a new experience for me. They made me feel confident in their
legal team. I had the pleasure of having Brad Spicer as my attorney. He made me feel comfortable and answered any questions I had about the process. Thank you so much Brad for the work you put in on getting my case resolved. I also want to thank Holly. I can’t say enough about her. She kept me informed and communicated all updates about my case. Thank you Ponce Law!

Catrena King

Working alongside Adam Reed and Lauren Wilson at Ponce Law was an absolutely amazing experience. Their guidance and support throughout the entire process were truly exceptional. They not only provided legal expertise but also took great care of my family and me.
The injuries I sustained in the accident, including neck injuries and a broken tailbone, significantly impacted my daily life and mobility. Soft tissue injuries in my neck and shoulder area added to the challenges I faced. Recognizing the severity of our situation caused by a negligent driver, I made the decision to seek legal representation. Adam and Lauren became our safety net, allowing us to focus on our recovery while they tirelessly handled all the intricate details and held the responsible party accountable. What stood out most about Ponce Law was the warmth and compassion demonstrated by Lauren. Her genuine kindness made a world of difference during a difficult time. With her dedicated efforts, she went above and beyond to assist us, ensuring our rights were protected and our voices heard.
In the realm of personal injury law firms, Ponce Law, led by professionals like Adam Reed and Lauren Wilson, truly shines. Their expertise, care, and determination transformed what could have been an overwhelming journey into a manageable and successful process. I am immensely grateful for their unwavering support and recommend their services wholeheartedly.

Hannah Robinson

I cannot express how grateful I am for the incredible support I received from Ponce Law, specifically from my legal team, Brad Spicer and Lilly. My life took an unexpected turn when I was involved in a serious accident at a stoplight. A lady ran a red light, colliding with my vehicle on the left side and forcing me off the road.
Initially, I didn’t realize the extent of my injuries, but the pain and discomfort quickly became overwhelming, particularly in my head and neck. Seeking medical attention became necessary, and my life was drastically impacted. I couldn’t drive for about four months after the accident, and even now, I still feel nervous and panicky at red lights.
Brad and Lilly were my rock. Their communication was exceptional – they kept me informed every step of the way, leaving no room for uncertainty or anxiety about the legal process. I also want to express my gratitude to Cristina Giron for her care and concern, as she regularly checked on my progress and the status of my medical treatment.
I discovered Ponce Law through a recommendation from my church family, who had been a constant source of support throughout my recovery. A dear friend, Wanda, urged me to contact Ponce Law, and I am so thankful that I did. Their dedication, compassion, and unwavering commitment to my case have been a true blessing during this challenging time. I wholeheartedly recommend Ponce Law to anyone in need of legal assistance – they are a team you can trust.

Rosy traughber

Ponce Law was super professional and extremely helpful throughout my recent successful workman’s comp case. They made the whole process very simple, and all of their support staff could not have been more helpful. I highly recommend Ponce Law due to their friendly approach.

Steve Nifong

Hannah has handled two cases for me . Cheyenne the paralegal guided me through everything and went above and beyond to explain and tackle bills as they come.

Steven Mcdonald

The kind and helpful people at Ponce Law helped me greatly after the wreck I was involved in on I-40 West. I was rear-ended badly and had many medical bills to cover. They helped me get the funds I needed that I would have not been able to get without their help.

Shawn Verble

Cheyenne was literally a gift from God and I genuinely mean just that. She made one of the most stressful times in my life seem like a cake walk because she took the load off me and got me everything I needed and then some. She was very compassionate and empathetic to my situation which is something you just don’t see nowadays and I’m forever grateful to Cheyenne for not only doing her job but treating me like family in the process. She’s a force to be reckoned with and definitely about her business so I’ll always refer anyone I know to Cheyenne and Ponce Law. Cheyenne if you’re reading this I hope this brightened your day like you’ve brightened my life. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOUUUUUUUU!

Kelcey Givens

After a terrible accident, I started out trying to support a local attorney but was frustrated with the lack of attention to my case. Once I switched over to Ponce Law things seemed to move at a more professional pace . I no longer had to make calls to check the status of my case.
Very happy with my decision because my case has been settled and I am extremely satisfied with the result of an experienced lawyer versus an attorney that was newly graduated/working on pro bono cases. Go with the pro will always be my motto in the future! Thank you Ponce Law for all you have done to come to my rescue.

Carolyn Davis

They treated us like family and even helped me see a doctor even tho I had no insurance by far would go back here if I ever need to again they was quick and stayed in contact with us though the whole process

Destiney Lee

Due to a personal injury accident, not my fault, I needed to find a lawyer to help me with my case. I chose Ponce Law due to TV advertising and proximity to my home.

Throughout the process they were helpful explaining steps being taken. They were helpful in reducing some of the subrogation expenses which ultimately put more of the settlement in my pocket.

Thank you to David Wyatt & Taylor Desmet for their assistance throughout this process.

Kathleen Travierso

So far my experience with Ponce Law has been outstanding, our family has been going through a very difficult time & Ponce law is currently helping my brother with his application for SSI. I want to give praise to Maria who answers the phone for her attention to detail and her knowledge of how this process should be done , it is really rare to find workers with this type of customer service and high professionalism in this age & time. The crazy thing is that I’ve talked to multiple attorneys directly before contacting Ponce Law & every single one did not know how how give me right information the way Maria did, she explained everything in the most clear & informative way possible, I am not sure if Maria is an attorney at this firm but I hope Ponce Law knows her potential & I hope it does not go unnoticed! Well done!

Leonardo Alvarez Gonzalez

Everyone at Ponce law is extremely helpful. Cheyenne went above and beyond to help us. We got an amazing outcome with our settlement and the whole process was easier than we had ever expected. We got everything we asked for and more.

Ashley Brossman

It was very easy to have a relationship with my attorney. It was professional but also comfortable. I was at ease. I wasn’t feeling like I was intimidated or anything. It was just comfortable.

Charlotte J.

If I ever had anything else happen, if I needed you, I would be happy to come back.

Jim P.

I would definitely recommend the firm to anyone. They seem like they care and I would have no problem at all in recommending the firm to anyone.

Ronald D.

I was hit by an 18-wheeler. I decided to get a lawyer because the crash was caused by negligence on behalf of the truck driver and I sustained a few injuries. I hired Michael D. Ponce & Associates because I’ve seen the commercials on TV and, through my research, I just found that it was a very reliable law firm to utilize.

I liked how it was a comfortable atmosphere. I liked that I was able to explain my case, and they got back to me almost immediately. There was good communication between me, the paralegal, and the attorney. I would say that if you’re looking for any type of representation for any matter, I think this would be a good law firm because of the simple fact they seem like they care. They hear you, they listen to you, and they will go to bat to get the most they can for you for your injuries.

Atice T. – Truck Accident Client

The insurance company had refused to comply with a court order to provide my medical care for a 25-year-old workers’ comp claim. This left me with no option for treatment because my regular insurance would not cover workers’ comp issues, workers’ comp wouldn’t cover what they were supposed to, and the doctors wouldn’t even allow me to get treatment unless the insurance approved it! AAARRGGHHH!!!

Most other attorneys didn’t want to touch the case, including the original attorney I hired! Ponce Law and Brian Dunigan not only took the case, but got the insurance company to re-establish my right to medical care without even having to go to court. Incredible job guys. I wish I could thank you in a larger font! THANKS.

Rick B.

I was rear-ended in a car accident. I saw Michael D. Ponce advertising on TV and in the newspaper, and thought it weighs better to have an attorney than not to. They were very friendly, and they gave me all the answers that I needed to settle my case. They treated me with respect and generally seemed to care about me. Take Michael Ponce, he’ll do you good.

Lewis T. – Car Accident Client

I was in a car accident, and basically, my insurance failed to do their job. I found out about Michael D. Ponce through a TV commercial and gave them a call. I would tell people to definitely go with Michael Ponce. I was more than happy with the results. You do what you say you’re gonna do. I felt that everything was handled professionally, which matters a lot to me.


I was hurt in a tractor-trailer accident. I decided to get a lawyer just in case anything major happened, and I started having trouble with my elbow. Michael D. Ponce & Associates have stayed right on top of everything and worked real hard. They treated me with respect and always returned my calls. They’re great people to deal with. I give them a 10 out of 10.


My experience with Michael Ponce was fantastic! He is, hands down, the best attorney out there. I wouldn’t trust anyone other than Mr. Ponce to handle my legal affairs. Rita Duffy was such a wonderful support to me throughout everything as well and I am so appreciative of that. A million thank you’s To Michael Ponce, Rita Duffy and the whole Ponce Law team!!


I was on I-40 coming into Nashville and a car ran into the back of me. The accident was serious, and I needed surgery. I did ask an attorney friend of mine whom I should call, and he said call Ponce Law. The folks at Ponce Law were outstanding and got us a large settlement.


After my car accident, I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney. I called Ponce Law for a free consultation. I’m so glad I made the call. I wanted a local attorney, and from the first call, to when my case was settled, I felt heard, valued, and taken care of.


I was driving down I-40 when I got hit by another car. I called Michael Ponce because I wanted an attorney right here in Nashville. As soon as I called, I knew I made the right decision, and Ponce Law got me the money I needed to get back on my feet. I highly recommend Ponce Law!


I am so glad I decided to use Ponce Law to represent me for my workers compensation claim. They will be the first I’ll call for any legal advice in the future.

Ashley B. – Workers’ Compensation Client

If I had to start my case all over again, I would definitely choose Ponce Law!! The staff make you feel like family. Everyone was prompt and professional, and my settlement exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Ponce Law to everyone.

Kim P.

I enjoyed my professional interaction that I had with my Paralegal Andrew Johnson and my Attorney Brian Dunigan. Andrew was always incredibly helpful and willing to go out of his way to keep me informed. Brian Dunigan is an incredibly experienced attorney and I had no doubt that the outcome of my case would be the best possible outcome. When I first signed on with Ponce Law to represent me, I had never been through anything like this before. I could not imagine having to handle this on my own. My injury was one of the worst experiences I have ever been through and i am so thankful I called Ponce Law to go through this whole ordeal with me. I can not possibly express my gratitude in words. Thank you so much Ponce Law!!

Laura H.

I was very happy with my Attorney Brian Dunigan and my Paralegal Jennie Williams. They handled my worker’s compensation case and I am ecstatic with my results! They took care of everything beginning to finish. I had no worries or concerns. I would highly recommend this law firm for any concerns you may have! Thank you Ponce Law!

Rex P. – Workers’ Compensation Client

Ponce Law exceeded our expectations. We were going through an extremely difficult period in our life and because of their compassion, communication and comfort from Ponce Law they made our case seamless. Ponce Law staff are people of their word. They were great to work with and made us feel like family. We highly recommend Ponce Law. They are friendly and professional.

Richard H.

Very professional and understanding to all my needs. Was very helpful in instructing me in what steps I need to take. Results in my case was rapid and rewarding. I would recommend the Ponce law firm to anyone needing assistance. Great caring people on staff. Special thanks to Agnes Henderson.

Gala M.

I really enjoyed working with Ponce Law Especially Jennie Williams and Brian Dunigan. They are really knowledgeable with workers compensation law and I never had any doubt we would be successful. Thank you Ponce Law for everything!

Walter L. – Workers’ Compensation Client

I just want to say THANK YOU to this law firm, especially to the lawyer Nina and Dorthea who did everything for my case and fight till the final. we won the case and I am very happy for all the help, all the information and attention I received throughout the process. I personally recommend this firm for your personal cases, they will do all for you and your case!


Ponce Law was excellent to work with!! They were very informative about my case. They always answered my calls and questions or called back promptly. He has an awesome team working with him!! I’d give them a 10 star rating.

If I ever need legal assistance again,they’ll be who I’ll call!!

Ronnie S.

My employer encouraged me to report my worker’s compensation hearing loss claim by self, which I did, and it turned out to be very frustrating. It was taking so long for them to resolve my claim and I was constantly left in the dark. So I decided to call Ponce Law to help me. I am so glad that I did. Once Ponce Law got involved, things started to advance quicker and my Paralegal stayed in constant communication with me to let me know where things stood, which gave me peace of mind. My paralegal, Jennifer Williams was able to keep in touch with the claims specialist so we knew exactly where we were in the progression of my case. I am so glad I got them involved to help me get things settled in a in more timely manner. Thank you to my attorney Brian Dunigan and thank you Ponce Law!

James P. – Workers’ Compensation Client

My experience with Ponce Law was all positive. I was completely satisfied with my representation. From beginning to end, I felt that things were being handled in the manner they were supposed to be. I would not hesitate to obtain legal representation in the future.

Steve M.

Ponce Law was very helpful and handled everything wonderfully. They communicated very well. My legal team Brian Dunigan and Jennifer Williams always called us and let us know they hadn’t forgotten about us even times when there wasn’t anything too important to relay. They just wanted to check on us. We really appreciate it.

Joel D.

Ponce law handled my workers compensation hearing loss claim with class and determination. They were so friendly and accomodating at all times. They helped get me the hearing aids that I needed. I am completely satisfied.

John W. – Workers’ Compensation Client

I think in general all the people, the lawyers, the staff, and the paralegals were just really, really nice and friendly and answered all my questions. In fact, I had a lot of exchanges of information regarding treatments and plans, and the office was very, very prompt in getting back to me. I had a huge number of email exchanges going back and forth and the response times were just very, very, very, very good. I would definitely recommend the firm. I would tell them that even though legal issues can be pretty technical and overwhelming and intimidating, that Mr. Ponce’s firm were very friendly and explained a lot of these technical issues in easy to understand terms.

Stephen S.

I think what I like best is that ya’ll work with me. I mean, ya’ll didn’t never give up, because I know, at one point in time, we went through two doctors, and they said nothing was wrong. But ya’ll still believed in me even though the doctor said everything was alright. Ya’ll knew deep down inside what was really going on.

Ricky G.

In my opinion, I think it’s a great firm. I’m very pleased with the dealings with Nina Parsley and Rita Warren and it’s just been a good experience. I didn’t come here with a good experience, but I’m leaving here feeling so much better. My life is on track, I’m back to work, and I’m feeling so much better. I just feel like you guys have really made a difference and I appreciate that.