Ponce Law is Partnering with Fox 17 to Honor Hometown Heroes!

Find out how these heroes are quietly making a difference in their communities.

The noblest work often goes unseen, and our community is filled with good people who work selflessly to make other people’s lives better without getting the acknowledgement they deserve.

To us, these people define what it means to be a hero. Now, we want to show them our gratitude. That’s why Ponce Law and Fox 17 are working together to spotlight “Hometown Heroes.”

Each month, we’ll present a $1,000 check to an individual or organization doing good deeds in their community.

Who’s Your Hero?

Maybe it’s a teacher, police officer, firefighter, nurse, or first responder. Anyone who makes a difference in people’s lives in Middle Tennessee is eligible.

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Meet Middle Tennessee’s Hometown Heroes

Middle Tennessee has many heroes doing incredible work without any fanfare or expectations of recognition. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to honor these Hometown Heroes.

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October’s Hometown Hero: Police Sergeant Ben Bryner

October’s Hometown Hero is Metro Nashville Police Sergeant Ben Bryner. Sgt. Bryner displayed his selflessness, compassion, and dedication to his community through his tireless work defending the public through the COVID-19 pandemic, despite struggling with his own serious health concerns. Thank you, Ben! And we’re thrilled to hear your health is on the mend!

September’s Hometown Hero: Cammie Anderson

September’s Hometown Hero is Cammie Anderson. Cammie teaches 6th grade English and Language Arts at Smyrna Middle School. Like so many teachers, she’s been working overtime this schoolyear for her students, whether they’re distance learning or in the classroom. Thank you, Cammie, for making such a difference in your students’ lives!

August’s Hometown Hero: Buddy Burkett

August’s Hometown Hero is Buddy Burkett. A Gallatin resident, Buddy is well-known in Sumner County for the selfless work he does for others. For nine years, he’s volunteered with the Home Bound Meals Program. In fact, Buddy donated the entirety of his $1,000 reward to this much-needed organization. Thank you for your tireless efforts in Sumner County, Buddy!

July’s Hometown Hero: Officer Patrick Ryan

July’s Hometown Hero is Officer Patrick Ryan, who received hundreds of nominations from local residents. Patrick is both a police officer and a firefighter, and he literally works day and night in service of his community. We’re so happy to be honoring Officer Ryan for his tireless efforts to make Middle Tennessee a better place to live.

June’s Hometown Hero: Faith Mitchell

June’s Hometown Hero is Faith Mitchell, who did incredible work for her North Nashville community following the devastation caused by the tornado outbreak in March 2020. Faith’s efforts to bring awareness to the needs of her community were invaluable, and we’re proud to honor her this month.

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