Support the Collateral Source Rule

The Collateral Source Rule guarantees that victims injured in car wrecks can sue drivers who cause accidents for the full amount of money they need for their medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses. The law prevents insurance policies from being used as a way to decrease the damages which negligent drivers owe to the people that they hurt.

However, the Collateral Source Rule is now under threat in Tennessee. Special interest groups working for insurance companies are lobbying state senators and representatives to change the law. They want to give negligent drivers “discounts” so that these negligent drivers will owe less money if the injured victims receive compensation from their insurance policies.

This means that law-abiding and responsible citizens like you, who have purchased insurance policies for themselves and their families, will be receiving LESS money after being injured in an auto accident.

Help us protect the Collateral Source Doctrine by contacting your local legislators today. See our newsletter to find contact information for your state representative and senator, and tell them you want to keep the Collateral Source Rule in Tennessee.