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Nashville Social Security Disability Lawyers

Our Nashville Social Security Disability lawyers know what it takes to file a successful social security disability (SSD) claim. So whether you’re applying for benefits or you need help preparing your appeal, we want to help. Contact our friendly legal staff today to get the legal representation you deserve—just call 615-244-4325 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Frequently Asked Questions

SSA Disability Requirements

You must meet the SSA’s strict disability requirements to qualify for SSD benefits. The SSA considers you disabled if you:

  • cannot do the work you did before.
  • cannot adjust to other work because of your medical conditions.
  • have been disabled, or are expected to be disabled, for at least one year or your disability will result in death.

In certain cases, family members, such as spouses and unmarried children, may also be eligible to receive benefits.

Social Security Credits and SSD

The SSA gives you “credits” based on how much you earned while working. The precise dollar amount you must earn to get a credit goes up a little every year, and you can earn a maximum of four credits per year. The number of credits you need to qualify for SSD benefits depends on how old you are when you become disabled:

  • Under Age 24
    You generally must have earned six credits in the three years leading up to the date you became disabled.
  • Between Ages 24-30
    The SSA typically requires you to have worked at least half the time between age 21 and the date you became disabled.
  • Age 31 and Older
    You need to have earned at least 20 credits in the 10 years leading up to your disability. The exact number of credits you need to qualify for SSD benefits increases until age 62.

We know it can be difficult to determine if you have the credits necessary to get SSD benefits. If you aren’t sure if you qualify for SSD benefits, contact us today.

Why are SSD claims denied?

The Tennessee Disability Determination Services denies 75 percent of all initial SSD applications—one of the highest rates in the nation. The SSA may deny your disability claim based on a variety of factors, including your:

  • Income and Resources
    Your monthly income must fall below what the SSA considers substantial gainful activity (SGA). SGA limits, which vary based on the nature of your disability, change every year. Visit the SSA’s Substantial Gainful Activity page for the most up-to-date income limits.
  • Failure to Follow Prescribed Therapy
    The SSA may deny your claim if you fail to follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment when the treatment is expected to help you recover and return to work.
  • Expected Recovery Time
    SSD benefits are intended for people with disabilities lasting for more than one year or resulting in death. The SSA may deny your claim if you’re expected to recover from your disability within weeks or months.

Don’t give up if your SSD claim was denied. Around 70 percent of Tennesseans who appeal their denials ultimately have their claims approved. Having an experienced Social Security Disability lawyer on your side during the appeals process can make a big difference.

Our Nashville Social Security Disability Lawyer Can Help

Whether you’re facing an appeal or need help applying for benefits, Ponce Law will work hard to get you the best possible results. We’re a local law firm serving clients in Nashville metro, Goodlettsville, and surrounding areas, and we care about helping our neighbors and community. So don’t wait, give us a call today.


  • After working 25 years in the medical field as a nurse/PTA, I was faced with filing for disability due to health problems. I was denied at the first decision like most people and decided to hire Ponce Law immediately! They took care of my case and kept me informed during the process. They made sure all my records were sent in and kept all my records current until my approved status! They were very professional and caring during the long process. I cannot say enough good things about Ponce Law! I will forever be grateful for their services as now I can focus on taking care of myself and relearn how to live life with a disability!
    Misty Smith
  • My husband applied for disability 2 years ago. After being denied by social security twice, he finally got approved by the judge this week. We are so happy we chose Ponce Law with Christopher and his assistant Anyesah. They are always helpful with answering our questions and also kind. Anyone needing a disability lawyer, we highly recommend Ponce Law.
    Amanda Simpson
  • I have only recently in the last few years become disabled, and at a very young age as well. Ponce was recommended to me by an old coworker and I couldn't be any more grateful or thankful. The disability process was so much easier, was much less intimidating, and was handled so well by Ponce and especially my attorney Agnese.
    Luna Buggies
  • The people who handled my disability case, Christopher Rutledge and Agnese Henderson did an amazing job. They seemed to honestly care not only about getting my disability, but also my well-being. I am very pleased and extremely grateful for what they did for me and the short amount of time in which they did it. I recommend Ponce Law to everyone that I can. Again, I can't thank them enough.
    Terry Wilson
  • Very recently, my brother chose Ponce Law to represent him in filing an SSI claim. While assisting my brother on some very complicated legal issues, I discovered that Ponce Law consistently helped and resolved all issues of concern on my brother’s behalf. And all their actions were handled expeditiously. I would highly recommend Ponce Law to address any type of legal issues.
    Angela Edison

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    I was driving down I-40 when I got hit by another car. I called Michael Ponce because I wanted an attorney right here in Nashville. As soon as I called, I knew I made the right decision, and Ponce Law got me the money I needed to get back on my feet. I highly recommend Ponce Law!

    – Rick

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    After my car accident, I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney. I called Ponce Law for a free consultation. I’m so glad I made the call. I wanted a local attorney, and from the first call, to when my case was settled, I felt heard, valued, and taken care of.

    – ShaErica

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    I was on I-40 coming into Nashville and a car ran into the back of me. The accident was serious, and I needed surgery. I did ask an attorney friend of mine whom I should call, and he said call Ponce Law. The folks at Ponce Law were outstanding and got us a large settlement.

    – Alex

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