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Nashville Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

At Ponce Law, we can help answer those questions. Our Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers are dedicated to helping people who suffer work-related injuries get the benefits they deserve. We’ll work hard to build a strong claim for you—contact us at 615-244-4325 or fill out a free initial consultation form.

Frequently Asked Questions

How We Can Help

Filing workers’ compensation claim requires experience and knowledge of state and federal law. When you call Ponce Law, we’ll prepare your case by:

  • Proving Your Injury Happened at Work
    To avoid filing a workers’ compensation claim with their insurance company, your employer may deny that your accident happened while you were on the job. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in Nashville can investigate your accident by reviewing the accident report and witness statements to prove your injury occurred at work.
  • Proving the Extent of Your Injuries
    Even if you can show your injury occurred at work, your employer or their insurance company may deny your benefits application if they believe your injury isn’t serious. We can help prove the extent of your injuries or disability by reviewing your medical report and collecting statements from your doctor.

Almost all businesses in Tennessee are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their injured employees, but many are hesitant to let workers collect these benefits. At Ponce Law, we’ll stand up for your rights.

Trust Our Experience

Our legal team isn’t afraid to take on big workers’ compensation cases if it means protecting your rights. In fact, we took a case to the Tennessee Supreme Court to ensure that all Tennessee residents, including undocumented workers, are entitled workers’ compensation benefits.

The Nashville workers’ compensation lawyers at Ponce Law have been helping injured victims with their legal claims for more than 25 years. Trust our experience—we want to help you get the maximum benefits for your workplace injury. Call us or schedule a consultation with our workers’ compensation lawyers in Nashville, today.


  • I just want to say Ponce Law did a great job representing me in my workman's comp case. I worked with Jennie Williams and attorney Ryan Lloyd. Both of them answered my calls and many questions and were easy to contact. I believe they both went above and beyond the job duties to help me. So if you have a case, ask for these two individuals. I highly recommend both if you want someone to help with your case and Ponce Law to defend you.
    Tim Brown
  • I want to express my thanks and appreciation to Ponce Law firm for their representation of my worker's compensation case. They have been very professional and courteous while assisting me during the entire process. […] I would recommend this firm to everyone. The staff were exceptionally great! Thank you for all your help.
    Johnny McBee
  • These are outstanding folks to work with. They are extremely knowledgeable in this arena. I just spoke with them about a work-related injury and they took the ball and ran. […] I thought this whole process would be a nightmare but working with Ponce Law relieved all anxiety and was extremely successful for me. Thank You Ponce Law! Y’all are the best!
    T. R.

Our Reviews


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    I was driving down I-40 when I got hit by another car. I called Michael Ponce because I wanted an attorney right here in Nashville. As soon as I called, I knew I made the right decision, and Ponce Law got me the money I needed to get back on my feet. I highly recommend Ponce Law!

    – Rick

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    After my car accident, I wasn’t sure if I needed an attorney. I called Ponce Law for a free consultation. I’m so glad I made the call. I wanted a local attorney, and from the first call, to when my case was settled, I felt heard, valued, and taken care of.

    – ShaErica

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    I was on I-40 coming into Nashville and a car ran into the back of me. The accident was serious, and I needed surgery. I did ask an attorney friend of mine whom I should call, and he said call Ponce Law. The folks at Ponce Law were outstanding and got us a large settlement.

    – Alex

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