Nashville Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) makes disability benefits available to veterans of any branch of the military who have suffered a service connected injury or illness—even to those who have been out of the service for some time. Unfortunately, many claims for benefits are denied—even when vets and their families deserve them.

At Ponce Law, we understand what the brave men and women who have served our country go through to get benefits. If you or a veteran in your family was denied veterans disability benefits, or you disagree with the VA’s decision, our Nashville lawyers want to help you file a strong appeal. Contact our 24/7 team now to get the help you need—just dial (800) 363-9113 or complete our free initial consultation form.

Common Types of Veterans Disability Claims

Veterans can suffer from a large range of physical and mental health problems as a result of their service, such as:

Our Department of Veteran Affairs-accredited attorneys can help get you the benefits you deserve. You may be eligible to receive veterans disability benefits even if you are already receiving, or may also qualify for, Social Security Disability benefits. Also, you may qualify for veterans benefits even if you are working.

Our entire legal team is thankful for your service, and we are passionate about making sure veterans like you receive the full amount of benefits and assistance they deserve.

Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) Benefits for Survivors

If you’re the spouse, parent, or child of a veteran who died while on active duty, from a service-related injury or illness, or while receiving veterans benefits, you also may be eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits.

Helping Tennessee Veterans Get Disability Benefits

Ponce Law will work hard to get you the best possible results if your veterans disability benefits claim was denied, reduced, or delayed. We’re a local law firm serving clients in Nashville metro, Goodlettsville, and surrounding areas, and we care about helping veterans get the fair treatment they deserve. So don’t wait, call (800) 363-9113 or fill out our free initial consultation form.