Nashville Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyer

At Ponce Law, we understand what the brave men and women who serve our country go through in order to get the benefits they deserve. If you or a veteran in your family was denied veterans disability benefits, or if you disagree with the VA’s decision, our dedicated personal injury attorneys want to help you file a strong appeal. Contact a Nashville veterans disability benefits lawyer now to get the help you need—just dial 615-235-0272 or complete our free initial consultation form.


Veterans can suffer from a large range of physical and mental health problems as a result of their service, such as:

Our Department of Veteran Affairs-accredited attorneys in Nashville can help get you the benefits you deserve. You may be eligible to receive veterans disability benefits even if you are already receiving, or may also qualify for, Social Security Disability benefits. Also, you may qualify for veterans benefits even if you are working.

Our entire legal team is thankful for your service, and we are passionate about making sure veterans like you receive the full amount of benefits and assistance they deserve.


If you’re the spouse, parent, or child of a veteran who died while on active duty, from a service-related injury or illness, or while receiving veterans benefits, you also may be eligible for Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) benefits.


Applying for and receiving veterans disability benefits is rarely a straightforward and easy process. The VA has strict criteria for reviewing and approving claims. At Ponce Law, our Nashville attorneys know the ins and outs of veterans disability claims, but we also believe that it’s important for applicants and their families to understand the process as well.

The following questions and answers can help prepare you for what’s to come if you decide to file a claim with our help:

Why are some veterans’ disability claims denied?

The VA denies claims for many reasons, including missing, incomplete, or inaccurate paperwork. It also may deny veterans who received other-than-honorable discharges, veterans who became disabled outside of service, and veterans who became disabled because of misconduct during their service.

Is it possible to work and still receive veterans’ disability benefits?

Yes, but you may see a reduction in your benefits. Veterans disability benefits are based on disability ratings, and if yours is 100% and you go back to work, you may get less money. It’s important to talk to a lawyer before deciding to go back to work part-time or full-time.

Can you get veterans disability benefits and Social Security disability benefits simultaneously?

Yes. Both types of benefits involve their own individual application process, and both have strict requirements for approval. However, the disability ratings you’re assigned by either the VA or the Social Security Administration can help support your claim if you decide to pursue benefits via the other program. At Ponce Law, we know both VA benefits and SSD benefits, and we can help you make the right decision for you and your loved ones.


Want to learn more about the VA and veterans benefits on your own? At Ponce Law, our knowledgeable Nashville lawyers are always available to answer your questions, but we know you may want to learn before calling us or while we’re building your claim.

The following resources can be helpful as you learn about the VA, the benefits application process, and what you can expect over the following months:

VA Benefits Homepage

The official Veterans Benefits Administration homepage provides links to important information, including an A-Z glossary of benefits-related terms, an application for receiving a veterans ID card, updates on disability ratings, and more.

National Archives – Request Military Service Records

Applying for veterans disability benefits requires proving your military service and your medical history while serving. You or your next of kin can get that information on this website, including DD Form 214 (Report of Separation), Official Military Personnel File, and medical and health records.

Federal Benefits for Veterans, Dependents, and Survivors

Wondering exactly what benefits you and your loved ones may be entitled to? The links on this page contain information regarding healthcare benefits, non-healthcare benefits, and burial and memorial benefits for you and your loved ones.


A Nashville veterans disability benefits lawyer at Ponce Law will work hard to get you the best possible results if your veterans disability benefits claim was denied, reduced, or delayed. We’re a local law firm serving clients in the Nashville metro, Goodlettsville, and surrounding areas, and we care about helping veterans get the fair treatment they deserve. So don’t wait; call or fill out our free initial consultation form.

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