Nashville Homeless

Charity of the Month: Nashville Rescue Mission

by Staff Blogger | November 3rd, 2014

Nashville is a wonderful place to live and work, but life can be a constant struggle for homeless people in the area. Estimates show Nashville’s homeless population has seen a massive increase in recent years, with as many as 4,000 people without food or shelter on any given night.

One organization working to address the problems of homelessness and hunger in our city is the Nashville Rescue Mission. The organization began their work in 1954 and has served thousand of homeless individuals. They not only providing food, clothing, and shelter to needy men and women, but also offering counseling and spiritual encouragement.

Being that the Nashville Rescue Mission is a non-profit organization, they rely on donations to continue offering help to our city’s needy. That’s why Ponce Law has named them as our charity of the month.

You can help the Nashville Rescue Mission by simply going to our Facebook page and clicking the “Like” button. For each new “Like” we receive during November, we will donate $1 to the Nashville Rescue Mission.

We hope you will do your part to help the homeless and hungry in our great city today by visiting our Facebook page today. You can also keep up with other ways our team of Nashville personal injury lawyers gives back to Middle Tennessee by checking out the community page of our website.

Charity of the Month: Room In The Inn

by Staff Blogger | October 1st, 2014

Homelessness is a very serious problem in Nashville. A study conducted at Vanderbilt University has shown the population of individuals living without shelter in the city has grown significantly in recent years. The costs associated with homelessness have swelled to as much as $50,000 per year for each individual living on the street.

These numbers are why Nashville personal injury lawyer, Michael Ponce, and his law firm, Ponce Law, are sponsoring an organization that helps the homeless in Nashville get back on their feet.

Room In The Inn was founded in 1986 as a way for church congregations to make a difference in the lives of Nashville’s homeless community by providing food and shelter to those without homes on frigid winter nights. Since that time, the organization has provided places to eat and sleep for as many as 30,000 individuals.

Despite these accomplishments, the organization says they still have to turn down as many as 100 homeless people on many nights due to a lack of facilities and supplies.

The good news is that you can help Room In The Inn provide for the homeless with one click. For each new and unique “like” we get on our Facebook page, we will donate $1 to this wonderful organization. Chip in and give with a click today!