Dog Bite

We Work Hard to Get Dog Bite Victims Full Compensation

by Staff Blogger | July 21st, 2020

If you feel like you see dogs more than ever nowadays, there’s a good reason for that. As of 2017, there were nearly 90 million pet dogs in America—an increase of more than 20 million compared to 2000, when there were around 68 million in the U.S. While the vast majority of those dogs bring nothing but smiles and joy to owners, it’s important to remember that dogs can bite, even without provocation or a history of aggression.

Dogs have incredibly sharp teeth and powerful jaws. All breeds are capable of causing serious injuries when they bite, and those injuries can result in potentially disabling and life-threatening complications. Victims may suffer profuse bleeding, nerve damage, and infection, and they may develop large scars that can be emotionally distressing.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville dog bite lawyers work hard to get dog bite victims the compensation they deserve. We know that many victims are reluctant to file claims against owners, but not doing so can mean paying out of pocket for big medical bills. For example, many dog bite victims require everything from intensive wound care and surgery to overnight stays in the hospital and even prolonged physical rehabilitation.

Whether the dog that bit you is owned by a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger, it’s important to pursue the money you’re owed—especially if the bite occurred because the dog wasn’t leashed or enclosed. Contact us today to learn more about your options. We want to help you move forward with your life after such a traumatic injury, and we know what it takes to win.

Bitten by a Dog? You May Have a Claim to Compensation.

by Staff Blogger | April 8th, 2020

For many people, taking their dogs on walks is among the few respites they get from being cooped up in their homes all day during the COVID-19 pandemic and Tennessee’s stay-at-home order. And while getting some fresh air and exercise is great for people and canines alike, dog owners must still exhibit the same caution and preventative measures as before to protect others from their pets. That includes always keeping their dogs on leashes and preventing them from jumping up on others.

When dog owners fail to leash or enclose their dogs, they can bite or attack people nearby, even if they have no history of aggression. Dog bites can cause serious complications, including severe bleeding, infection, nerve damage, and more. At Ponce Law, our Nashville dog bite lawyers believe that people who are bitten by dogs that weren’t leashed or enclosed deserve maximum compensation, especially when they’re facing big medical bills and a prolonged time away from work.

If you or someone you love was bitten by a dog, don’t let it slide. You may suffer from bite-related complications for months or even years, and you should be compensated for what you’ve gone through and what you may face in the future. Our legal team is here to collect evidence that proves the bite was caused by a negligent owner, and then to hold that owner accountable for your bite-related expenses. Contact us today for a free consultation. We want to put our experience to work for you.

Don’t Let a Dog Bite Slide—Get the Compensation You Deserve.

by Staff Blogger | October 10th, 2018

Even though most dogs are friendly and harmless to people, they’re still capable of causing serious injuries when they act aggressively. Dogs have long, sharp teeth, and when they bite, victims can be at risk for several complications, including profuse bleeding, nerve damage, muscle and ligament tears, and systemic infections.

Dog bites can range from small nips to full-blown attacks, but they all pose risks to victims. Many people who are hurt by dogs shrug off their injuries, even when they require extensive medical intervention like prescription medications, surgeries, or even prolonged hospital stays.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville dog bite lawyers believe that victims should treat dog bite injuries the same way they would treat any other injuries that were caused by negligence. In addition to expensive medical bills, dog bite victims also face long periods away from work. Some may never regain function or feeling in affected areas, causing them to be permanently disabled.

When dog owners fail to properly leash or enclose their animals, they can be held liable for bite-related expenses, including medical bills and lost wages. Our legal team has many years of experience investigating dog bite injuries and proving owners failed to uphold their legal responsibilities.

If you or someone you love were hurt by a dog, don’t let the injury slide. You shouldn’t have to pay out of pocket for expenses that you incurred because of someone else’s carelessness. We’re here to help—call us today for a free consultation.

We Hold Negligent Dog Owners Responsible When Their Pets Bite

by Staff Blogger | September 24th, 2018

There are more dog-friendly workplaces, restaurants, stores, and parks than ever before in Nashville and throughout Middle Tennessee. While many people welcome this change, it has increased the risk of dog bites—especially when owners fail to properly leash or enclose their dogs.

Cities in the mid-state area have leash laws and local ordinances that require all dog owners to keep their pets leashed, enclosed, or otherwise restrained to prevent them from biting or attacking other people. That’s because even dogs with no history of aggression can bite when they’re startled, anxious, or frightened.

Regardless of their size or breed, dogs have the potential to cause serious injuries when they bite. Victims can suffer permanent nerve damage and face traumatic levels of blood loss, especially when dog bites sever or nick arteries. In some cases, dog bites can even be life-threatening, as bacteria inside dogs’ mouths can enter the bloodstream and travel throughout the body.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville dog bite attorneys are here to hold negligent owners responsible for the injuries their animals cause to other people. If you or someone you love suffered a serious injury due to an unleashed or unrestrained dog, we want to hear from you.

We know how to collect evidence that proves the origin and severity of your injuries, and we’re ready to fight to get you the compensation you deserve for your medical bills and lost wages. Call today for a free consultation.

Why Do You Need a Lawyer After a Dog Bite Injury?

by Staff Blogger | June 13th, 2018

Dog bites always have the potential to cause serious complications. Severe dog bites require immediate medical attention, as they can result in profuse bleeding and even nerve damage. But even minor dog bites can range from disabling to life-threatening, as they can cause a significant risk of serious infection that can become systemic and spread throughout the body.

At Ponce Law, our Nashville dog bite lawyers are here to stand up for the rights of anyone who was injured by a dog that wasn’t properly enclosed or restrained. Almost all cities have ordinances concerning dogs and how they should be handled around other people both in private and in public, and when those ordinances are violated and people are injured, owners can and should be held liable.

Having a lawyer on your side after being bitten by a dog can help in these two ways:

  • It helps you prove that you were injured by an improperly restrained or enclosed dog—Dog bite claims are dead in the water without proof. Our attorneys know how to investigate your injury to find evidence that both proves the dog attacked you and that your injury occurred because the dog wasn’t restrained or enclosed at the time of the attack.
  • It helps you get compensation for your medical expenses and lost income—Dog bites can be expensive, as victims may need surgery to address their injuries. They also may be unable to work for months or even years. We’ll calculate how much the injury will cost, and we’ll fight to get you full compensation.

Don’t wait to get the experienced legal representation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation.

Dog Bite Injuries Can be Painful and Disabling

by Staff Blogger | April 4th, 2018

Many establishments throughout middle Tennessee are dog-friendly. It’s not uncommon to see dogs in offices, supermarkets, and other public places. And while most dogs don’t pose any threat to people, some dogs can lash out and bite—even those with no history of aggression or attacks.

People who are bitten by dogs can suffer serious injuries. All dog breeds have sharp teeth and powerful jaws, and their bites can cause muscle, tissue, and nerve damage. Some bites may bleed profusely and require immediate medical attention, and deep wounds can become infected, putting victims’ lives at risk.

If you or someone you love were hurt by a dog that wasn’t properly leashed or enclosed, the Nashville dog bite lawyers at Ponce Law may be able to help by:

  • Proving the dog’s owner violated a local ordinance – Dog laws in Tennessee are enforced on a local basis, but almost all cities, communities, and neighborhoods have strict standards for the handling of dogs in private and in public. Our legal team can determine if the owner of the dog that injured you violated an ordinance or law, creating a situation where the bite could occur.
  • Proving the dog bite caused your injuries – In addition to proving the dog’s owner was negligent, we’ll also collect records and other evidence to conclusively link your serious injuries with the dog bite itself. While we do that, we’ll calculate how much the dog bite will cost you, including medical bills and lost wages.

Dog bites can be serious, and they deserve serious representation. Get in touch with our legal team today for a free consultation.

Bitten By A Dog? You Have Rights.

by Staff Blogger | January 31st, 2018

Dog bites can be shocking and painful. Because dogs are so commonplace in our culture, and because the vast majority are docile and well-trained, getting bitten or injured by a dog can be a harsh reminder that they’re still animals that can attack without warning or provocation.

Because of the risks that dog bites pose to victims, Nashville has enacted ordinances for how they must be restrained when they’re near people in public and in private. When dog owners violate those ordinances, they can be held liable for any injuries their dogs cause.

The Nashville dog bite lawyers at Ponce Law know how serious dog bites can be. We’ve helped many victims who suffered debilitating damage that led to disabilities and permanent pain. It’s our goal to protect dog bite victims’ rights, which include:

  • The right to pursue compensation for bite-related expenses – Dog bites aren’t just painful—they can also be expensive. Many dog bite victims require surgery to close wounds and repair skin, tissue, and muscle damage. In addition, victims also may become disabled and unable to work, resulting in financial losses and career difficulties.
  • The right to an attorney – Many dog bite incidents involve few witnesses and may seem difficult to prove. Attorneys who understand dog bite cases know the laws concerning them, and they know what evidence to look for to help support your claim.

Don’t suffer in silence after you were hurt by a dog that was supposed to be leashed or in an enclosure. Get in touch with our legal team today. Call our office for a free consultation, and let us put our experience to work for you.

What Are Dog Owners’ Responsibilities in Nashville?

by Staff Blogger | October 2nd, 2017

Owning a dog is a both a great privilege and a major responsibility. Dogs bring love and companionship, but owning one requires planning, foresight, and taking important precautions to protect yourself, your loved ones, and people your dog may encounter.

Because of the potential risks that dogs can pose, Nashville—like most cities in the state—has a list of ordinances concerning pets and dogs, especially when they’re brought into public. Two primary aspects of those ordinances include:

  • Leashes – Dog owners who bring their pets into public spaces such as outdoor dining areas must keep dogs on non-retractable leashes no longer than six feet for the duration of their visits.
  • Confinement on private property – Dogs can run freely on private property without the use of leashes, but they must be confined to the specific property. Dog owners who allow their pets to roam onto other people’s property or nearby public spaces may be in violation of state or local laws.

Leash laws and specific laws concerning dogs can vary from city to city and county to county. If you’re unsure about laws regarding pets in your area of Middle Tennessee, it can help to have an experienced Nashville dog bite lawyer on your side.

Ponce Law knows how important pet-related ordinances are when it comes to protecting innocent people in Tennessee, and we pursue compensation for those who are injured by unrestrained dogs. Call today for a free consultation.

Dog Bite Injury? You May Be Eligible for Compensation.

by Staff Blogger | August 16th, 2017

Whether you’re walking through Midtown, jogging through Percy Warner Park, or just enjoying Nashville’s outdoor activities, the last thing you should worry about is getting bitten or attacked by a dog.

Dogs are common sights on the city’s sidewalks, walking trails, and park paths, and while the overwhelming majority of them are friendly and properly restrained, some may be unleashed and aggressive—which can result in serious attacks and bites.

If you or someone you love was bit by a dog, it’s important to get in touch with a Nashville dog bite lawyer, as you may be eligible to pursue compensation for:

  • Medical bills – Dog bites can result in severe bleeding, ligament and nerve damage, and even the loss of digits. Victims often need intensive care to stop bleeding, repair damage, and prevent infection.
  • Lost income – When people are bitten on their arms, hands, legs, or feet, the ensuing pain, nerve damage, and tissue loss can make it difficult or impossible for them to go back to work for an extended time.
  • Pain and suffering – Getting bitten or attacked by a dog can be traumatic. In addition to dealing with these physical trauma, victims also may suffer from emotional trauma, including depression, anxiety, and even phobias caused by the attack.

At Ponce Law, our legal team knows dog bite laws and leash/enclosure ordinances both in Tennessee and throughout the mid-state area, and we know how to help victims maximize their chances of getting compensation. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Dog Bite Injuries in Nashville

by Staff Blogger | June 8th, 2016

Nashville residents have several great places throughout the city to take their dogs. From Centennial Dog Park in the heart of downtown to the trails at Percy Warner, there are plenty of dog-friendly places owners can let their dogs get some energy out. Most of these places have leash rules in place to protect both the dog and the people they encounter. When these rules aren’t followed and a dog becomes aggressive, the results can be devastating.

Each year, there are hundreds of dog bite incidents in Tennessee, some of which from repeat offenders. Aggressive dogs can pose a significant danger to people of all ages, including children. At Ponce Law, we believe negligent owners who let their dogs roam free should be held liable for the injuries their dogs inflict. However, proving negligence can be tricky.

In Tennessee, a dog owner can be held liable for dog bite injuries if it can be proven that 1) their dog was running loose on public property and/or 2) the dog has known vicious tendencies. You need an experienced investigative team on your side that can scrutinize the evidence and prove the dog owner’s negligence led to your injuries.

If you or someone you love was attacked by a dog, give our Nashville dog bite attorneys a call immediately. We’ll work to hold the owner liable for your injuries so someone else doesn’t suffer the same misfortune.